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How I Met Your Mother 1.21 "Milk"

The ads were all "All we need is a box and 100 white mice" or whatever that line was, so I had absolutely no interest in seeing the episode, but I've sort of committed to watching through the finale, so I watched anyway.

I don't think I'd realized before that Barney is a lawyer. I am entirely unsurprised, though. And yeah, any sympathy I had for him last episode? Not so much. The constant immaturity he demonstrates in this episode ... so the way to turn me off a character.

Marshall: "Then why did you have me drink it?"
Barney: "Because now you're in."
Marshall: "Don't think I'm overlooking the obvious fact that I should just be mad at you...."

Marshall: "I can't believe she really gave him her number."
Robin: "Maybe she really is brain damaged."

It's not a bad pickup line, but to draw it out that much? I would be hella tempted to up and leave were I her. I was stunned that the EMTs were pressing her to give him her number, but oh they're actors, so it makes sense then.

Did you know that before I actually saw the show I thought the title character (the "I" in "How I Met Your Mother") was Barney?

Ted: "Kim Deal from the Pixies."
Marshall: "Or Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth."
Ted: "Any Kim from any cool band, really."

Of course Robin knows he has a list. I wouldn't be surprised if she'd seen that list.

Marshall: "Screw these pancakes; I should cover you in syrup and gobble you up."

I like that the writers actually utilize show-don't-tell with this Marshall/Lily dynamic.

Ted: "We live in the center of art and culture ... and you choose a program three thousand miles away."

Okay, so I just saw wedding second thoughts on Crossing Jordan, but those were differently motivated and it's not like we're surprised that weddings are a big theme in May sweeps/season finale time.

Lily: "Setting the high score on Super Bomber Man."
Ted: "That was you? Awesome!"

I find this extra cute in the context of his exchange with Robin about he wants two kids (a boy and a girl) and she doesn't want any and he's surprised and she says "Not everyone's as much of a girl as you, Ted," 'cause here he is being all stereotypically boyish and I just really appreciate the whole blurring of gender stereotypes.

I totally didn't get the Highlights thing until he explained it, but heart.

Ted: "It's rude to leave your hat on indoors."
Robin: "We're not indoors; we're in a van."
Ted: "Vans have doors."

I like that Robin trumps the list.

I'm undecided on whether Robin = Your Mother. 'Cause on the one hand, is the show gonna turn into The Trials and Tribulations of Making Robin My Wife? [or the Ted storyline part anyway] or, given the whole "It's a mistake I have to make" thing, is it going to be a long story way of telling how he got over Robin and met Your Mother?
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