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How I Met Your Mother 1.22 "Come On" [season finale]

tv.com says: This episode was formerly known as "Rainy Dance."
I'd seen the "Come On" title before I watched the episode and was wondering what it could mean, but I'd forgotten it as the episode progressed. I really like the layeredness of it, though -- evoking the intensity of certain characters' desires and also the exasperation of others with them (encapsulated in Ted and Barney when Ted makes it rain).

Okay, I've gotta say it: no especial love for AD or AA in this.  (And anticipation of this ep was the whole reason I ever watched in the first place.)

Now back to the running commentary.

I liked everyone groaning at Ted planning to pursue Robin again.  I'd seen Barney's "The universe is gonna slap you. [slap] That wasn't me; that was the universe" in the ads and still enjoyed as a contextualized expanded gag.  Also liked the follow-up gag of Lily slapping Barney and shrugging and saying mock-helplessly "universe!"

"But God, you must have that sumbitch memorized by now." -Robin to Sandy on her "I don't date coworkers" speech.
Very nicely delivered, and I loved his deadpan quitting his job to date her.  And I appreciated that he didn't play the whole "I recommended you for a promotion" guilt-trip heavy-handedly.  I still have no interest in his character, though, and don't find his appearance or voice attractive.

Barney's disbelieving repetition of "rain dance"?  My local station started doing a split-screen with flood coverage then.

Penelope: "I don't think the Great Spirit looks kindly on white guys who co-opt it to get laid."
She seemed over-eager to help despite her protestations, but I liked that she framed it as getting back at someone like Barney, though.  I really enjoyed her and Barney's back-and-forth snarking.  But their makeout at the end was totally pasted on.  (And yes I'm projecting 'cause I wanted to like her and totally wouldn't have gotten back together with Barney like at all.  Plus there was no motivation shown at all.  Her snarking with him didn't feel like someone who still had sexual tension but someone who honestly didn't like him that much, and he didn't seem attracted to her beyond "XX chromosome=yay.")

Penelope: "You hit on my mom!"
Barney: "We weren't exclusive!"

Barney: "Wow, it took five shots of tequila to get you in that position."
Penelope: "I will throw you off this roof."

So back to Robin and Ted:

Robin: "Yes-- no-- I don't know."
Ted: "Yes, those are your three options."

I really don't like Ted pushing her.  Makes me very uncomfortable.  I get that he really really wants her to say yes, and he's sick of limbo-land, but give the girl some space?  (And she makes a good point which I hadn't thought of -- about how he could have just asked her on a normal date instead of going all-out uber-romantic.)  I know I tend to overthink things, but they have just gotten back to being friends and now he's pushing that they're destined to be together forever?  I would feel really pressured and almost wanna say NO just to make the craziness go away (but would probably say I needed tim to think about it, because I hate making hasty decisions).

And then this absolutism is echoed in Lily&Marshall -- a relationship which only began to interest me last week when they started having problems.  Lily's shift from "I wasn't going to take it" (and did I mention I loved the "milk" scene at the end of last week's episode?) to "This is something I need to do" threw me, too, Marshall.  I definitely feel her on the worry that she'll never get to do all these things she's always wanted to do, and I hated from the beginning her decision to rush the wedding, and I can understand Marshall's fears of losing her, but I hate that he wants her to promise, because one of my huge Things is not making promises you can't keep, and you never know what's going to happen.  I knew then that they were going to break up, and I do feel for Marshall (though I have no interest in watching them struggle to get back together) whereas as soon as Ted started forcing Robin to make a decision he started pinging as controlling and scary (Marshall is just insecure and scared) and I didn't like him at all (and I had actually liked him in previous episodes) and stopped having any interest in the two of them getting together (and I had actually wanted the pairing to happen in previous episodes) and wanted Ted to just go away and leave me with collegiately-queer-Robin-fic.

And one more note on Lily&Marshall: I love their Pause idea.  "There's no crying in pauseland."  And we segue from the scene in Red Lobster into a commercial for Red Lobster (whom the endcredits say sponsored the show/episode).
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