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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

But in less than 24 hours i will be home.

People need to understand the concept of removing their laundry from the washer. I went down to do laundry. There are 3 washers. 2 were in use, one was finished. I figured the person would be down to get her clothes shortly. I came back to my room. I chatted on AIM. Half an hour later i went back down. The clothes were still in the washer. So i had to unload an entire large load of laundry before i could load mine in. Grr.

Apparently this does not bother some people, because they are that inconsiderate person. "I tend to forget about my laundry and expect that it'll be in a dryer or in a wet heap on the table when I get back. I know I ALWAYS have to unload at least one dryer, and I don't find it that bad. But it's because I'm equally inconsiderate."

I really try to not leave my laundry in very long after it's done so no one has to unload my laundry, since i hate having to unload anyone else's.

Apparently i am a good person.

[edited to add this from Joan]

I'm debating with this guy online about the washing machine issue. I thought I should share a snippet of this conversation.

Rich: yeah, if that happens to me, I take the clothes out of there and make sure something happens to a couple of pairs of socks...
Joan: So THAT'S where they go!

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