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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[finale night] CSI "Way to Go" (The two-part sixth-season ender concludes....)

I am way behind on episode writeups (though I've been watching regularly) but since it's finale night I thought I'd post a bit. 

I avoid spoilers but had heard rumors.  The significant glances between Grissom and Sara at the end of the fantasy ep conversation I had wondered if that was the rumored "moment" but no, we got basically canon at the end of this ep.  Word has been there was gonna be a scene where they wake up in the same bed in a hotel (I think I've got that right) in one of the very early eps this season but Petersen had to go to a funeral so he wasn't in that ep.  So I feel like this is them doing like Take 2 of that scene.  And I've gotta say it felt pastede on.  Now I'm very curious to when I go back to type up my writeups to see how much I get an established-relationship vibe from them, 'cause that's definitely what that end scene felt like.  (P.S. Grissom's Hawaiian shirt/robe thing disturbed me.)  I literally said to my mom, "Cat is ded of squee."  I went to call her before Without a Trace and remembered my phone was off and was treated to two voicemails from my nonsexualplatonicgirlfriend.

Obviously there is lots more to talk about, but I felt obligated to weigh in on That Scene.
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