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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[finale night] Without a Trace "Crossroads"

Since I did a brief finale post for CSI I thought I should do one for this, too. 

Okay, first off, I really like Jack&Anne as a couple even though I don't want to.

However, the pregnancy thing?  I'm not confident about any show handling that, honestly.  "It's a decision that affects both of us."  "Yes, but it affects me more."  I struggle with the issue encapsulated there a lot.  When Davis had the gun on her at the airport I honestly wondered, "Will he shoot her to make this arc a moot point?"  The second time that she said, "I'm gonna have a baby"?  Was totally her realizing that yes, she is going to have this baby.  This makes me uncomfortable lots.  In the episode where they go to dinner with his daughter Katie she says she doesn't like kids (or they don't like her, whatever).  Not to mention I've always disliked that Jack has kids because he's never home -- I hate the idea of having kids if you're never gonna be around them.  And she says she's 45; they're both high-powered professionals, nevermind the fact that are they even in a forever relationship?  (I totally wanted to hear a nod to contraceptive protection in that conversation, btw.)  How is them having a baby together a good idea?  And what plotlines are they gonna do with that that they can't do with the stuff they have already?

On a different topic: Danny to Elena: "You know, I can worry about more than one person at a time."  Slash and poly fans, discuss.
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