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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

attempts at normal updating

My brother hooked up an additional router so he can actually have Internet access at home. This has made my Internet connection hella spotty, however. Good thing I'm moving out soon :)

Both my brother and my father had as their immediate reaction my comment about my windows: that replacing window panes is really easy. So I declare the first weekend in June my move-in date and if the windows aren't fixed by then I'll just have them do it.

A "why am I on your flist?" meme is going around. The people who don't comment much and/or whom I don't feel I have much in common with, I'm curious to know the answer to that, but I feel like I'm in a headspace where I would be more mopey "nobody loves me" than usual, and I don't wanna be passive-aggressive self-destructive like that. I'm also having trouble answering those who have posted it so far, so it feels unfair to ask others to do it for me.

musesfool is doing We Cease to Be Earthbound: The Firefly-West Wing Title Challenge. Write Firefly fic using the title of a West Wing episode. I'm tempted, though none of the titles jump out at me.

Today, Eric called me a jerk (not seriously) for not being all aflutter over the photos of his new kitten. Yeah, 'cause he of all people is in such a position to call someone a jerk. He also said, "Don't you just want to eat it up?" and meant it literally. "Not you personally, 'cause you're a vegetarian, but if you weren't." Um, no.

"You're a girl. You pick something." -my brother to my mother while tie-shopping

Tags: fanfic: challenges, internet toys: google, people: h: eric

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