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Expecting a slow day like yesterday, I brought in personal work.  "Personal work?" Eric said disbelievingly when I told him.  "Like what, writing your novel?"

Prof.B. e-mailed at 10:04am saying he was working from home.  I'd already noticed he put a note on his calendar for Friday saying "BH  Not in office friday"  RA is leaving Thursday afternoon for Pittsburgh.  Long weekend, ahoy!  Of course, his being not here made my day both easier and more difficult.

And UnitHead gave me a whole bunch of stuff, so I actually didn't have the slow day I was anticipating.  One of said things was a reimbursement for a conference.  UnitHead mentioned that the conference (which was paying for all this) had put him up in an expensive hotel but hey they were paying for it.  It was $174+tax.  Under normal circumstances I would double-take at this, but Prof.B. puts people up at the Charles so I actually thought, "You consider this expensive?"  He wins points in my book for that, though. I appreciate people living on my plane of reality.

They started installing our sound-dampening art yesterday.  Digital printing onto canvas (took longer than they'd expected, so we don't have quite all of them).  Our floor's theme is airplanes (I thought it was railroads, which images I wasn't enamoured of for the most part -- they're composites of archive photos; well, one image superimposed on another anyway) and I like them, though a lot of people don't.  Once they're all up, as well as the informative tags, we will have to field trip to the other floors.  (Speaking of field trips, this is up on the ground floor currently.)

Mike came in and immediately said, "Where did the art come from?  I love it."  A little later: "You've got someone looking over your shoulder, though."  I told him UnitHead had commented on that, too, and that I'd told him, "I don't feel threatened."  Mike said it was like I had someone watching over me :)  The general consensus is that we like the one over my desk one of the best -- a guy sitting in an early plane looking thoughtful; blue background.

These password changes are gonna drive the professors nuts.  They're gonna drive me nuts, too, honestly.  The log-in for time reporting (which we have to do every week) already has those password requirements, and I've started to forget what order I put pieces of the password in.

Fandango has X3 tickets available for my area now.  [There are actually 3 Thursday midnight showings.  I'm all for after-work-Friday, though.]  So now the dilemma is: do I pay the ticketing fee to guarantee I have a ticket or do I just show up to Loews Boston Common around 5:45 to get a ticket for the 6:05?  How intense do we think the opening weekend crowd is gonna be that early in the evening?

P.S. The fandango mainpage has a link to a column anticipating the movie and I swear it's not just that I gay everything.
-- on Callisto: "Ohhh! Serious tension with Storm. Catfight? Please?"
  I can't help reading "tension" as "sexual tension," I admit.
-- on Cyclops: "Marsden always has to be the straight guy (which must be tough—you know he wants to do more cool stuff like Wolverine and company)"
  "Has to be ... straight" followed by "wants to do ... Wolverine" ?  I don't ship them at all, but it's hard not to read the sentence that way.

And then there's the wrongness that's not wrong in a good way.  [Leaving aside "Daniel Ramirez," which I will trust is just a typo.]
-- on Rogue: "Also, Paquin’s father-daughter chemistry with Jackman’s Wolverine is quite touching."
  But but but ... the previous movie(s) clearly ships Rogue with Wolverine.  In an unrequited crush way I will grant, but she has way more than a father-daughter type relationship going on with him.
-- on Magneto: "But he’s not simply a villain—some even view him as an anti-hero and with sypmathy."
  Um, an anti-hero is a villain.  Or at least isn't especially a step up from villain.
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