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"Thanks Elizabeth! This is great and I appreciate the quick turnaround." -Jill

I was talking with my brother about affirmative action, etc. last night.  Also yesterday, in conversation with Rana, I thought about how I don't talk about politics in my LJ at all anymore and don't even keep up with the news and how I miss that being such a defining part of who I am -- though I don't miss the stress at all.

Tonight I went out to dinner with Ruthie instead of being Lutheran.  (And this past Sunday I overslept and thus missed church.)  This is always interesting because she's always so happy to spend time with me and yet usually she does the bulk of the talking -- which is fine; I mean, I know what goes on in my own life, so I'd somewhat rather listen to someone else, but it's still amusing.  She asked about still being able to get together with my girlfriends now that I'm moving into the city and I was so confused because almost all my area friends live in the city.  She meant the people I'd grown up with.  Oops.  There are some people I miss, but mostly I've gotten so used to not being in touch with those people anymore that I don't even think about it.  My life is rich and full ;)
I saw her and her husband at church like a month ago, and apparently he hasn't stopped talking about I've grown into this beautiful woman (they've known me since I was wee) and he's really not one to verbalize compliments at all.

Anticipated slowworkdays: I bring personal work; Eric brought X-Men: Evolution DVDs to watch -- which he forgot about until the workday was almost over :)

That "Performance Evaluation Training"?  (which ran 15-20 minutes over its allotted hour and didn't include nonbeverage refreshments)  Totally could have been summarized in like a half a page document.
And apparently it's due June 30 and was supposed to go out in March and they're gonna send them out in the next couple of weeks.  *rolls eyes*
This afternoon we got our vacation/personal/sick day totals to confirm.  They're done up through March 31.  Fabulous.  [Edit: Previous math deleted. Is in hours, not days -- which explains how Eric could say to me, "I only have 8 hours of sicktime left." Nowhere on the form or the accompanying letter does it explain that it's in hours, though, and we are paid hourly but who thinks of their vacation/personal/sick time in hours rather than days? We still get a hell of a lot of time, though. 3 personal days when you start, then 1 sick day + 1 and a wee bit vacation days accrue each month after that. And the university shuts down over Christmas, a la Smith, so we get a week off there without even having to use up our own time for it.]  And in the entire time I've worked at HBS since last August...I took I think 2 days off to move my brother to college, came in late twice, left early twice...and almost all of those were while I was still temping.  Just like I never skipped classes, taking time off work is so not a thing I do -- plus of course the idea that a temp couldn't do my job as well as I can.  'Tis the season for colleagues to start asking me about my vacation plans, so I guess perhaps I should think about actually going somewhere this summer -- and of course I should try to get back to Smith in the fall.)

Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling?  Barbara came in to our lunch ~12:25 to tell us the news.  And also informed us that the latter is totally an alum.  (P.S. His Wiki entry ~1:30 already had a line about the conviction with a footnote linking to a NYT article.)  The story has definitely not been linked on HBS News, though this has.

Florian was looking for UnitHead, and looking at the calendar we had the following conversation:
F: "Meeting with Oliver for 4 hours?  What are they doing?"
me: "Oh, they're just slowly plotting the takeover of the school."
F: "Oh, okay.  That puts my mind at ease then."

SoonToBeFormerUnitHead's been UnitHead since May of 1999.

As previously mentioned, Prof.B. isn't coming in tomorrow -- though when he was leaving today he said he might have to stop in briefly.  When he left he told me I could leave early tomorrow.  So now I'm totally thinking X3 4:45 or 5:30 (leaving HBS ~4).  UnitHead's gonna be in a meeting all afternoon and Prof.D. never needs anything -- though of course I'll clear it with them first.  Friday before a long weekend...  RA told me to make sure I spend some time outside this weekend.  (Shortly before I left work today I was feeling a bit chilly and almost reached for the jacket I hadn't brought and then refreshed the weather page: 77F.)  She left today for Pittsburgh and will be back Tuesday and was telling me about how the friend she's going to stay with is a big listmaker and so we would get along really well (I love my rep -- like how she asked me earlier this week how my packing was going and said that I seemed like someone who would be really on top of that) and how the friend had sent her this full itinerary and it reminded me of what Sharon did for me the first time I went to visit NYC.

e-mail from RA before she left:
I meant to tell you that while I was in [Prof.B.]’s office, he actually absent-mindedly took several pieces of paper off his desk, glanced at them and threw them away! He organized. Himself.
It’s a new day, a new dawn… and the summer.


Sort some of the major X-Men characters.  This post asks you to sort characters in a variety of other fandoms.  ["Sort" as in HP houses.]

Dictionary of theatre terms -- for a laugh.

And my absolute favorite post of the day: potty-training and naming your naughty bits
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