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The 25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written -- says Playboy

This seems a misleading title.  They themselves say, "Some titles were famous for being dirty books for decades, contraband smuggled in from Paris. A few were champions in the courts, books that freed the language. Some tackled taboos. Others showcased attitude -- either curiosity or humor or energy."

The few books I have read here (numbers 4, 6, 11, and maybe 23) wouldn't even be contenders for my "sexiest novels ever written list," and skimming the blurbs for the ones I haven't read, it seems that the main theme is kinky and boundary-pushing -- which is fine, and might in fact entice me to read it, but doesn't in and of itself make it one the "sexiest novels ever written."  I really don't read a whole lot of erotica (outside of fanfic, natch) so I have difficulty coming up with any contenders, but my point still stands.

Anyone have suggestions?  (Anon commenting enabled.)

I remember seeing Southland Tales on IMDb when I was poking to see what Whedon alums had as upcoming projects, but it didn't much stick with me.  This article for the most part does not sell me on wanting to see the film, but "with wrestler Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as an anxious, amnesiac action hero and Sarah Michelle Gellar biting down hard on the role of socially conscious porn queen Krysta Now" totally does.  I have no shame.

My family bonded over the Last Comic Standing 4th season opener tonight (Tuesday).  My brother and I caught part of one episode of that one summer, and there was definitely some funny stuff there.  This seems to me way more entertaining to watch than a lot of the reality/elimination shows.

The first city they went to (L.A.?) had a lot of good talent.  There were good people who weren't selected.  But the rest of the country?  Not so good.  (The 5 other cities were: Tempe, AZ; Austin, TX; Miami; Chicago; NYC.)  My favorite was the 19-year-old girl from the first group.  "My dad's gay.  My friends are always like, 'I wish my dad was gay,' and I say, 'Yeah, my dad wishes your dad were gay, too.' "

Reminder: books (and a couple magnets) free to good home
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