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My brother is adding to my music collection like whoa.

Today alternated between v. busy and not.  And taking a break at Alyssa's desk before lunch, I realized that part of the problem was that had literally not gotten enough sleep.  (And gee, look at the time; shuddup.)  Deciding the last week of May that one wants to have an End of Year Unit Cookout for the last week in June?  Yeah, good luck with scheduling that.  I actually enjoy scheduling spreadsheets, though -- all the color-coding and everything.

[Sidenote: LSAT prep class from 6pm-midnight?  How is that a good idea?]

So I caught up on the flist [though now I'm behind again, having spent my evening cleaning/packing], including all the X3 posts I'd bookmarked for reading after I did my writeup.  Some people have said some v. smart things, but I was surprised to see that I had hit most of the stuff in my own writeup.  I'm not sure I'm up for actually getting into conversations on other people's LJs, though -- largely I think because of the negativity whether I'm agreeing or disagreeing with someone in any given reaction.  (Though feel free to bring discussion to my LJ, esp. if you're a friend of mine -- or to specifically ask me to comment on a commentary post. 'Cause I do really like discussing -- as evidenced by my conversation with Maria in the comments to my own writeup, for example.)

The 'verse is so rich, however.  [Yes I know there are many many X-canons, but the premise broadly . . . .]  I think I'm gonna be reading a lot in that fandom for a while.  [P.S. F*ck.  First of the month equals site update.  If work has lulls, it'll get done then.  If not, well, it can wait until after the move.]  Recs welcome.  (Insta.rec -- in case you haven't seen one of the million recs of it already -- c_elisa's "For the Kingdom of Heaven."  Comicsverse based, but well worth a read regardless of familiarity with the 'verses; I know nothing of comicsverse, f'r'ex.  Delves into the complexities both ethical and medical involved in a Cure storyline.)

Speaking of superheroes, my dad sent me this link, saying "The comments are a combination of stupid and very interesting.  There was even an Elizabeth who I thought might be you."  I've only skimmed it thusfar but thought I'd pass it along.

P.S. LJ is all zomg-ing about the National Review's list of top 50 conservative rock songs, and I've stayed away to keep my libertarian blood pressure down, but I was pleased to see a non-leftist commentary on it.  (Again with the not-having-really-read-it.)


I vacilate between despairing of getting everything packed up by Saturday and thinking I've really got it under control.  (So of course the truth is somewhere in the middle.)  Rain is predicted for Saturday, so moving Sunday has been suggested (which would mean cancelling on you, Maria).  We shall see.

Wow there are so many places in which I have stuff.  It's pretty impressive how much stuff I can easily get rid of (which is kinda sad).  I had forgotten how much space there is in my room.  Oh the stuff I find.  My favorite so far: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trading cards.  Clearly, I win.
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