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Voice Post ["So I'm thinking...."]

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“Why am I so _tired_? I'm just puttering around this evening, trying to figure out what the heck I wanna have for dinner, and actually y'know getting some work done, and thinking, gee, I should really have dinner and I'm not really that hungry and now I feel really tired and it's only 8:00 and I've been getting 8 hours of sleep _consistently_ since I moved in.... So I'm thinking, Cailin got me this yummy cupcake at the end of work, am I crashing from the pseudo-sugar-high? And then it occurs to me that it's dark and rainy out and has been all day -- I just hate to think that I'm, like, seasonal affective, 'cause I'm usually _ so_ _not_; so I hate that the dark and the rain would make me tired or whatever. 'Cause I really _like_ the rain.

And now I'm curious as to how one boils water in this house because I was going to have peanut butter crackers with the cinnamon raisin peanut butter that I have from a while back, and make mint cocoa that my brother got for me out of a freebie box, and then I thought, "Wait, how do I boil water here? There's no tea kettle." So I'm thinking that I may have to boil water in the microwave, in the mug. Which I think is kind of lame. So I'm thinking that I'm gonna add a tea kettle to the list of things I need to get from Kitchens Etc. or wherever I end up going when I go home this weekend and do a shopping run, and now I think that perhaps a tea kettle is really not what I wanna be bringing back with me on the train, so maybe that will be another excursion. I hear that there's a Target that one can get to by-- via bus from this apartment. So maybe that will be it, because really, while I like microwaves, I disapprove of boiling water in the microwave.”

Transcribed by: hermionesviolin
Tags: self: phoneposts

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