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"And this downtrodden man holds his face to the sun"

I saw Peter on my way in to work this morning. I said I like the rain, and he asked why and I didn't have an answer. I'm used to defending my love of the cold, but not so much my enjoyment of the rain.

I really don't mind the rain* but I really should invest in rainboots. Trip to Target? (I also wanna get a new shoulderbag. Am thinking this.)
         *except that damp can be ick, so traveling to (air-conditioned) places (where I can't change my clothes) is dampened [er, pun] by the rain

I'm also finishing reading One Hundred Years of Solitude, which makes the rain interesting as well.

It started raining yesterday and is predicted to last through Saturday. [Though it's definitely been sporadic.] RA (a California native) is displeased by this whole rainy-weekends-in-June thing.

For some cheer, the scenic walk I mentioned earlier: [which would have been posted Wednesday morning except....]

When you leave Davis Square T station, Holland St. exit, one door takes you to Holland St., but the other leads you out into a nice park. I enjoyed seeing all the guys in nice suits walking through the park. I passed a VW bug painted iridescent pink with a bit of blue, license plate: Jadzia. I was passed by a guy riding a bicycle whose seat was like 10 feet high.

If you walk all the way through, you come out on Cameron Ave. near corner of Mass. Ave. -- an area which I recognized from previous apartment hunting (thanks to the bar named “Joe Sent Me”). On your right, on Cameron, is an Nstar building with murals. I walked back to Holland St., and near the corner of Holland is a blue&purple house (whole thing -- fence and all) with little girls playing in a backyard and a fenced in driveway.


Cailin asked about how I was gonna do my move and I said, "I moved on Sunday."
"When are you having your house-warming party? Or did you have one already and we weren't invited?" Heart.
I'm definitely still unpacking, but I'm looking forward to having people over. My bedroom is smaller than my old one, but the apartment itself is fairly spacious, and both roommates are v. busy so I have minimal human contact (I know, I know; I hate people; but still).

(It's funny; last week people kept asking me how my move went, and this week people keep talking as if it is yet to happen.)

I called Kate last night, and in part of our conversation I was talking about the cat currently hanging out in my room, and I mentioned that his owner doesn't talk to us, and then later that night she came home and introduced herself, apologized for having been too busy the past couple of nights to do so, and chatted for a bit. She says she's moving out July 1 (when her lease is up) so whatever. She made no attempt to bring up the bad blood between her and OriginalRoomie, which made me happy.

I really enjoy that with my new commute I don't have to be hardcore about leaving exactly at 5:00. (Though I'm here late now because I don't have Internet at home so I wanted to finish some stuff up.)

I think I may start going to the gym after work some days.
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