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Have I mentioned how I enjoy not having to rush out of work to make a train? ‘Cause yeah. I left campus yesterday around 5:35 after hanging out with RA and Cailin. And by “hanging out” we largely mean: rubbing Cailin’s back while she stressed about finding a new apartment.

On the recommendation of somebody in Maria’s LJ, I went to Custom Eyes in Central Square. I decided to just replace the lenses ‘cause the frames really are fine, and the expenditure for the lenses alone was more than enough. So Wednesday lunch hour I’ll be going back. Obviously an official stamp of approval will wait until after I actually go on Wednesday, but so far I’m a big fan.

As the months have passed, I’ve gotten used to no longer living at Smith where I had a dozen people living in the same building who could easily come visit me (and I them) but now that I’m living with people again I find myself missing it again. We all work different schedules, so we’re not home at the same time much to begin with, and the presence of a cat means two of us often keep our bedroom doors closed (not that we dislike the cat, but we don’t want cat all over our rooms). This discontent is prompted partly by inconvenience (I’ve barely seen OriginalRoomie since I bought a router, so I still have no Internet at home) but also by missing people generally -- exacerbated by irregular LJing (due to the aforementioned lack of Internet at home).
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