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"You talk tough to me, and it makes me smile."

There is more kitchenware in my kitchen than I had originally given Roomie credit for.  How did I not notice there was a blender?  I see fruit smoothies in my future.  (Just fruit and ice, though.  Not doing the yogurt blend a la Ari.)

I made pinto beans tonight.  And by "made" I mean "did that process called soaking but didn't actually do anything else with them before eating them."  I mean, this is me we're talking about after all.  I had meant to put avocados on the grocery list, though.  (Qdoba is turning me into a fan.)

It's Farmers' Market season -- and more importantly, I'm trying to consume less packaged food.  What's in season currently?  Is there a website that would tell me this?

Also: veganlunchbox


Oh, Lorraine, due to busyness, I only got your package mailed out this morning.

I had a ton of stamps but can't find them in my boxes (yes, mom; I hear you shaming me), so now I have a box of Crops of the Americas stamps.


Despite all the stuff I could (justifiably) whine about, I'm in a really good mood.
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