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This is me trying to be social and cultured.

I try to plan ahead... and then it works out somehow wholly differently. Rebecca and i (and Zohra) were going to go to “Love is Sweet; With Bread it's Better” at Hampshire tonight and go to “The House of Bernarda Alba” (here) with Joan tomorrow. Rebecca forgot that she had to work tonight, though, and the way the buses run we would have to leave right after dinner (assuming Rebecca got someone to cover her shift) and either run to catch the bus afterward or wait a long time. So we decided to switch them.

In discussing with Joan whether she minded the switch, she said:
I'm just torn because I also had a yen to see the Notables, who are doing their Jam tomorrow night.
But I wanna hang with you. So Hampshire it is.

Have i mentioned recently that i love my friends?

Anyway, we went to Bernarda Alba, which i had seen performed at Regis 2 years ago. I liked it better the first time i saw it. This is probably due mostly to the fact that i tend to attach to the first way i experience things. This set was beautiful, though still simple. I preferred the very sparse set of the Regis performance, but that’s largely my partiality to the first way i experience things. My only real complaint is how the grandmother was played. She is very much a strong, powerful figure, and i felt that in this version she was played too lightly, too much like just some crazy old lady. That was my only real complaint, though.

Now i want to read Bernarda Alba in Spanish. I wanna be on a Garcia Lorca kick again. I have such a huge reading list of authors/themes for this summer.

Rebecca wanted to go to the 11:45 Casablanca showing at the Academy of Music., so we went. Neither of us had ever seen it before. (Okay, Sharon, pick yourself up off the floor now.) It was really nice to actually see the context of all those famous lines. (And knowing that the line “Play it again, Sam” isn’t actually in the movie i was particularly attuned to that bit. She really says, “Play it once, Sam. For old times’ sake. Play it once.”) My favorite is the surprising context of “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Obviously you saw the ending coming an hour away, but i like that they made it a bit more complicated than i’d expected. When it was over i wanted to clap. The rest of the theater clapped, so i got to clap. Yay.

And in a lighter vein, Sharon said:
I'm so glad that you like boy meets boy.
I also highly reccomend Clan of the Cats. Especially since I know how much you like Buffy. It's a similar kind of thing.
this woman finds out she has mysterious powers and it's all very dramatic and funny and gothic and marvelous.
and I'd tell you more but you need to read it in order, and I'd spoil it.

She’s right, of course. It is marvelous. Starts in June ‘99 so it’ll take me a while to catch up. I have to restrain myself from just doing it all in one day. I have to actually get work done, and leave stuff to procrastinate with for the remaining 3 weeks of school. O:-)
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