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(Hey, we've passed the halfway point of the week.)

I went to SuperCuts after work, and she didn't cut it quite as short as I wanted but I'll give it a few days, and she did this side part thing which totally didn't last through dinner but it looks fine fallen back mostly to its middle part so that's okay.  I still don't really know what I wanna do with my hair.

Waiting for the train back I saw Liz...SGA pres '04 but whom I always associate her with Tangent (what can ya do?).  She said she needs to stop coming to Central Square 'cause she keeps seeing Smithies there :)  Turns out she's living in a co-op around Davis.

I continue to fail at making dinner.

I need:
+ a good way to make mashed potatoes creamy as opposed to just mashed bits of potato
+ a good recipe for pinto beans (think Qdoba would tell me what they do to make their sauce? ;) )
+ a hands-on lesson in using a can opener

(I'm sure I need other stuff, but that's what came to mind tonight.)

The kitchenware seems mostly usable, though I want a new blender and saucepan and probably a long-handled collander and of course the aforementioned flatware.

Oh, the new stuff@night?  I wanna try out some of these drinks.

There was a nice cool breeze last night but I still couldn't fall asleep forever; hopefully tonight will be better.
Tags: alcohol, apartment: living, food, self: hair: cutting, smith: small world

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