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Why do sandals like to rip up my feet so much?

We only watched up until the credits yesterday but dude, Jake and Nog move in together.

I Googled to get the episode title and was amused to see this below the website results:
Google Groups results for jake and nog move in together
Jake and Nog..... Homosexual? - alt.tv.star-trek.ds9 - Sep 27, 1999
NEW DS9/VOY "Chakotay's Secret Passion" [NC-17] 0/1 - alt.startrek.creative.erotica. ... - Jan 27, 2005
B story downfall for Trek? - rec.arts.sf.tv - Aug 18, 1997
Anyway, the episode is 5.09 "The Ascent." From transcript found here:
SISKO: Okay, let's see if I've got this straight. I can visit any time I want, but I have to call first. You won't be available for breakfast or lunch, but I can count on one dinner a week.
JAKE: Some weeks, maybe even two.
SISKO: I've raised a generous young man.
cf. my moving out of my parents' house. But then, my parents have each other.
SISKO: You and Nog, moving in together. I can remember when I didn't even want you talking to him.
JAKE: Things change.
And due to Spike airing 2 episodes/day, it really wasn't that long ago for us (1.04 "A Man Alone").

Poll #757109 party planning poll, take 2

Sunday, July 9 (birthday party)

I'll be there!
can't make it :(

weekend of Saturday, July 22

Layna's housewarming party!
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