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"I didn't wanna stay I didn't wanna go I didn't wanna fight"

So, when Prof.B. says, "I'll be in all day tomorrow" he actually means -- oh, okay, "I am home with a pretty nasty cold..." (11:40am e-mail) I suppose that's forgivable. Still crunches my week, though, fiscal year end deadline of Friday and all that.


In other gripes... How many frelling people are going to WriterCon? Though I suppose Atlanta is an actual tourist destination as well. Friday and Saturday are entirely booked. So I'm thinking Atlanta-Ravinia(Perimeter CTR) 1.33 miles away. ($105/night for Standard Room; I don't think it would be worth the taxi cost to stay somewhere cheaper and farther away.) Anyone wanna let me sleep on their floor before I do this? Yeah, didn't think so.

Not a gripe but rather a question: Timing? Actual con stuff starts Friday morning, so I think it'd be worth it to fly down Thursday night. Sunday 3:30-5:00 is "Closing Ceremonies and Silent Auction," which doesn't deeply excite me, so I'm considering getting the 6:10 return flight, and going back to work on Monday. (Only missing two days of work; rock!)
Edit: Actually, looking at the schedule, I'm not deeply interested in anything after the first Sunday session (Representations of Religion!!!) though other sessions I'm having difficulty picking just one out of the three. /edit

I don't think I'll be able to see pandorasboxes in Florida for a couple days afterward as hoped (11-12hrs on Greyhound each way! It's ~400 miles, so it's 6hrs straight driving but of course the Greyhound makes hella stops; so that's two full days just traveling between GA and FL).

Reminder to self: Reread Fighting the Forces 'cause Rhonda Wilcox is one of the guests. (IIRC, I was unimpressed by that anthology, but I wouldn't want to say that at the Con without being sure. Really I should [re]read all my Whedon essay anthologies.)


Cailin brought back Krokan Rull from Europe. Today she was all, "I can't believe your willpower to not have tried any of it yet; I'll eat like an entire roll in one sitting." Truthfully, it's because she was all, "Uh, it's like burnt sugar," which, hi, so not appealing. In fact it's chocolate with like flecks of burnt sugar. And is much yummy. [However, looking on the packaging for a website -- after Google came up useless -- I found freia.no and kraftfoodsnordic.com :( ]


Unrelated: Gmaps Pedometer is unwieldy. And how is it .75mi from my apt. to Davis T Station? It totally takes me 15-20min. And I walk fast.

It's .6 mi from my parents' house to Norwood Central (which took me 10-15min). I totally fail. (.7mi to MML. Oh, and to Dedham Courthouse is 5 miles even though I always remember MapQuest having said 6.)
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