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"I know there's a big world out there like the one I saw on the screen"

Am I acclimating to the heat?  'Cause I was comfortable in my apartment this afternoon.  (weather.com said stuff like 85F, feels like 87)  However, I felt really I should (a) spend some time out of the house and (b) do some errands, though.

I found a couple work-appropriate shirts at Marshalls that I was willing to wear.  So that was of the good.  I really need more warm weather shirts for work but don't want cap-sleeve or sleeveless, so that cuts down my options like whoa.  (I also really don't want hand-wash 'cause the bathroom sink here is crap for that.  I'm still figuring out how I'm gonna handwash the stuff I already have.)  Though work is often cool enough to merit a cardigan over short sleeves, so perhaps I should consider sleeveless+cardigan as an option.

Sidenote: OtherRoomie's cat is crazy.  These past few days he's been much more in your face so to speak about wanting to be with people, and I woke up twice this morning (around 4:30am and around 7:00am) to hear him outside my door. I had gone to bed around 2am, so I was not thrilled. (I did manage to get about 10 hours of sleep, though.)  Tonight he twice put his paws up on my lap while I was at the computer and then jumped up on the computer desk.  (At that point I took him out of the room and closed the door.)

Have written one more froplay Fireworks:
+ WaT, Sam/Elena, 493 words [10:29pm]
And I finally got feedback on my other WaT ficlet, which makes me so happy.

I'm actually rather enjoying this "write for prompts" things -- which is so weird because I keep saying that's not what I want to do at all and I find it stressful &etc.
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