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"So follow the leader down"

Okay, waking up this morning I was overwarm, but I'm back to good now.

Off to Cambridgeside Galleria for more attempts at clothes, though.

P.S. I think OriginalRoomie's frustration with previous housemates bleeds through like whoa in her craigslist posting and makes her look bad, so I have been rewriting the listing to post myself to queeragenda.org and davis_square, but she showed the apartment this morning to a guy who has hell roommates, so they hit it off.  I definitely approve of him.  Andy, gay guy, does graphic design for an accounting firm.  In conversation, OriginalRoomie said something about "telepathy" and I corrected her, "telekinesis," and Andy turned to me and said, "I love you."  I, in turn, love anyone who doesn't look at me like I'm crazy for that.  We did not get to geektalk, though.  Oh, and we totally joked abut how I'm a selling point for the apartment.  ('Cause I clean.) I actually jokingly got called "Super-Roommate."
Also: Apparently the landlord is gonna take up the carpet that's currently on the front stairs (and is filled with cat hair and a bit ripped up).  Totally news to me.  Rock on.
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