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"I could barely make out the song of the Ghost Repeaters singing"

Okay, I lied.  I went to make returns at Payless and bought different shoes and didn't really wanna wander a mall and try on clothes while loaded down with not only my messenger bag but also a bag of boxed up shoes, so I did other errands and came home. Will go tomorrow; they're open - on a Sundayish schedule.

Errands included picking up the MFA July+August film booklet.  Yay for having a calendar to work with.  (The online calendar doesn't easily tell you if a film has multiple showings, plus I like having a calendar already printed and ready to mark up.)  I also need to check out the Harvard Film Archive showings (hat tip: Erica).

I have only seen one gay film in all the descriptions for July+August [MFA].  Points for diversity otherwise, though.  Besides the French Film Festival, there's the Roxbury Film Festival ("celebrating people of color"), Latin American (Peruvian, Argentinean), "Rare Bohemian Cinema" (Czech), more Boston Jewish Film Festival Encores; and Russian, Asian, British, and Iranian; "art and architecture on film," "art world mysteries on film," "music on film," "film in the courtyard with live music" -- and the Matthew Barney Björk film, but let's not think about that.  Oh, and there are the Concerts in the Courtyard -- damn, I was thinking of going to the Jolie Holland one but it's sold out.  (And not of interest to me but possibly to others: Jazz in July -- not MFA related.)

After Fireworks and Lorraine's copy of Best Lesbian Erotica 2006, I think I'm gonna be glad to go back to the gen piece I was originally planing on working on this weekend.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

::goes to work on two more Fireworks prompts::

musesfool thinks people should add FROPLAY to their LJ user interests.  (Strangely, it doesn't link as a shared interest on her UserInfo even though Directory Search gives me 6 people.  LJ is a tool of the patriarchy!)
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