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"Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue" [It's actually getting sunny.]

In followup research after lunch today, I learned:

(a) sherbet and sherbert are both acceptable spellings (and pronunciations), though sans r seems to be primary [citation]
(b) Life as a House has an autoerotic asphyxiation scene. This makes me really wanna see the movie (which I think I wanted to see when it first came out, actually) even though breathplay is one of the kinks I least grok.

I'm about as bad at explaining BDSM as I am at explaining poly, but I heart that I have the opportunity to attempt (even though I hate that I do such a poor job). And when AEA came up? My first thought was totally to wonder whether CSI had done an episode on that. (6.02 "Room Service")
Tags: sex: non-normative

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