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"Ooh I want you I don't know if I need you"

Yesterday I was so ready to fall over and sleep around 4pm. I went to sleep within a half an hour of arriving home and slept for ~11 hours. (Woke up assorted times, but didn't get up until about near sunrise.)

This morning I chatted with Greg (whom I don't think I talked to at all yesterday) and had Bigelow Orange&Spice Herbal Tea which I dumped ice in after it steeped. (An hour later, after I'd drunk most of it, I managed to spill it on my keyboard/lap. ::sigh::)

I e-mailed Emma back. (Smith people are love.)

Yesterday I mentioned that Sunday's my birthday, so Mary Alice said they should take me out for lunch. So that's what we did today. (The Vietnamese place, natch.) And then hit the slush place after. I'm not convinced that strawberry-kiwi tastes like either strawberry or kiwi, but Eric's probably right that it's just really well blended. Alyssa got the Rose Water. It's pink like strawberry ice cream and smells like roses and is very light. I'm impressed.

Eric called me yesterday about how to reserve rooms and then called this morning needing Security's number (he's downstairs Thursdays and Fridays for the duration of the summer, so he doesn't have all his usual stuff with him). So when he called again I answered with, "Whadda you want this time?" His answer: "I want you to come to lunch, smart alec." I felt appropriately chastened.

Also, who knew Eric was into photography? The boy has layers. /snark

Edit: Oh, and when we were coming back, Michelle passed us going the other way and stuck her tongue out at me in that mock-angry way she has. I felt loved. :) /edit

writercon swag-a-thon. I have until 9am tomorrow to decide if I want "Beta the badfic slayer" merch. If nothing else I feel like I should get a mousepad. (I don't wear logo-ed clothes much and just got a new messenger bag.) I'm also tempted by tomorrow's "Fanfic Writer: No Apologies" despite being fairly tacitly/passively closeted about my fanficcing (much as I am about my queerness, when it comes down to it).

And of course: Happy Birthday antheia.
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