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"somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend"

NB: Don't take the 88 to Target.  It drops you off literally in the middle of a highway and you can't quite see the Target from there so you have to actually know what you're doing.  [The 87 drops you off right in front of Target, though.]  So I rode to Lechmere and went to the Galleria, where I picked up party stuff at CVS 'cause I'd forgotten I needed to stop on the way home from work.  Learned that they have an RMV open until 7pm but it doesn't do stuff like state/liquor IDs (you need to go to a "full-service" RMV for that).

I did a dry run to the airport, in part to get a feel for where I need to go once I get there (since my previous Logan was an international and I think on a different airline).  12 minutes from South Station to Terminal A (I'm flying Delta).  More like 20 to return ('cause you hit the other 3 terminals on the way).

Things I learned Logan has: defibrillators, a chapel, a Hilton, and a hair salon.

I got the last Red Line to Alewife before they shut down Charles for this weekend's construction.

I think I got more responses to the recent food poll than I did to any of the previous ones inquiring about such items as "Should I have a party?" and "If I have a party, will you attend?"  (And of 12 responses so far, only 1 is from any LJer who will actually be attending this event.)
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