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This morning I woke up after 8 hours of sleep, though I then slept in for another hour.

My daddy brought me iron+board and suitcase.  Then he went to Tags in Porter Square to get me light switch stuff and got me a shower caddy while he was there 'cause I keep having more pressing stuff to do than go get one myself.

I went grocery shopping while he went to Porter.  OriginalRoomie has a cart thingie.  Rock on.  Twice as much as I normally spend in a grocery run (and this definitely included a few splurge items).  And it all fit in the fridge.  I was a bit worried as there was melon and all, plus there's been actual food that isn't mine showing up in the fridge (I basically own the kitchen as far as food is concerned).

Mail call: card from Ginny, card from the grandparentals -- with a $50 Target giftcard!

Next on the list was a Target run anyhow.  I procured assorted serving bowls etc.  They had no tablecloths, though, which was unfortunate.  On my way back, I hit the liquor store.

Oh, but before my dad left he also checked out my window.  The screen that's off its track?  Turns out it's too small for that window.  (Who guesses diy replacement for a broken one?)  Joy.  Must call landlord on Monday.  (Plus that window doesn't have a windowshade.)

And he caught me up on WWE (Vito in a dress and Khali vs. Undertaker).  One of these days I'll have a tv again (though I don't anticipate catching that particular show more than infrequently).

I got my hair cut after I got back from Target+booze.  For a moment I thought, "Wow, I look like a 12 year old boy," but now I just think, "I look like me, just with shorter/less hair" -- which is admittedly not all that far from twelve-year-old....

Then I made myself dinner. Real food. And my dad had walked me through can opener while he was here.

7:30 and I was tired.  I seem to be on a second wind now, though.  I actually worked on fic earlier, so I should get back to that.

I'm making the (fruit) trifle for tomorrow (the pudding is setting now).  Should I make the fruit salad now or make it tomorrow morning?


Original Roomie showed the apt. to 2 different women while I was erranding.  Apparently one of them sounds really keen to take it.  Though she has a cat, which I'm not thrilled about.


Do I wanna be a WriterCon volunteer?

(Also: Seeing people posting about what panels they're on -- via friendsfriends -- I'm totally taking notes because I know this information will potentially sway what I go to.)

I still don't know exactly what I'm packing.  Suitcase or backpack?  (Note for myself: Delta carry-on guidelines .)  And I have to decide on a cocktail dress.  [I have a whole bunch of really nice dresses which I never wear 'cause I never go anywhere fancy and they feel overkill for work, so there really is decision-making.]  And maybe buy bras?  (Though for strappy cocktail dresses I would want a strapless one, which at my boob size basically means giant girdle thing, so that's a no.)  I think I'm gonna wear my sparkly backless dress, which makes me wanna get a big temporary tattoo on my back.  Oh and I really need to get a disposable camera or two.
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