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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Happy birthday to me; I am twenty-three.

First, a toast to dawllyllamaAlexis whose birthday is today as well.

offbalance was the first to wish me a happy birthday (well on the actual day) and yeah, her for the win.  (Inside jokes are love when you're on the inside.)  antheia made me blush, though.  (The enthusiasm... nothing naughty.)  I also got birthday wishes via e-mail, facebook, AIM, text message, and other LJ posts/comments.  Rock on.  I think lunabee34's is my favorite flist one after the aforementioned.  (I got a new icon and everything.)

The party went fairly well.  I was a bit worried because it was only 4 people with various degrees of knowing each other (though we're all Smithies) but conversation didn't seem strained, and the food got all eaten (and people thought the fruit trifle was good) though I definitely still have lots of sangria.  (I would say housewarming, but I think wine is only supposedly good for a week after opening.)  I'd bought [plum] cherries and they only came in bags (so you couldn't just bag as many as you wanted as you can with most grocery fruit), which frustrated me, but they were a huge hit so I'm down to only a quarter of a bag.  Oh, and some people brought (me) stuff, which was unexpected and lovely.  And Meredith inflicted this trailer on some of my friends.  And Kate mocked the books I was getting rid of.  Anything else fabulous I'm leaving out?  Well of course the Colonel Mustard story.

My brother came near the end on his way back from weekend work in Vermont and had asked if the parentals wanted to come, too, (since he had the car).  My mom's response:
Not wanting to sound unsympathetic to the newly hatched chicklet, but I'm kind of worn out with the obligatory stuff, and think perhaps a young-un b'day would be more fun for the chicklet anyway (either that or it's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).
She also e-mailed me today: "Hope you have a good day, and a fun party, and that your friends treat you with the proper level of adoration :)"  Love my fam.

My brother ended up not leaving until nearly 10:30.  We hung out and finished up the food and he took my empty boxes and helped me fold my sheets and put together my hamper.

I missed tonight's WriterCon chat, obv., but I'm very okay with that, obv.

Oh, and OtherRoomie vacuumed the carpet.  It looks really quite nice without all the cat hair (ah, let me enumerate the reasons I don't want a cat in this apartment) and I wouldn't at all have a problem with the landlord leaving it now.

My friends got to see my disaster of a room (Layna totally thought OriginalRoomie's door was mine 'cause it has stuff all over it).  I really need to fix that before the housewarming party.

I only skimmed the flist and checked e-mail briefly.  Will read and respond to lots of things tomorrow.  Sleep now.
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