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"two american kids growin' up in the heartland"

I've been having trouble falling asleep nights and what do I do this evening?  I take a nap.  ::rolls eyes at self::  I blame the humidity.

I woke up at 7:46 this morning and still got to work five minutes of 9.  (RA was taking me out, so I didn't make lunch.)  OSS guy was coming out as I was coming in -- of the building! -- and said he'd just taken 6 boxes next to my cubicle and were those the ones I wanted taken to the archives.  (They were)  Rock on.  [I am honestly most impressed that he recognized me]

Cailin came in 10:24am, said "Happy post-birthday." :)

1:12pm, Cailin to me: "So, are you starving yet?"  (I usually go to lunch c. noon but RA had asked if we could go c. 1:15; Cailin said she takes a class at the gym that ends at 1.  When RA came back, she said, "I'm sorry; I know you usually go to lunch around 11:30."  I assured her I was not ready to chew her hand off or anything.)

We left for lunch close to 1:30.  Came back about 3.  Rock on.  (Yes, we went to Bertucci's; yes I got the dessert I'd wanted last time.)  We discussed continuing ed (which will get its own post) and she told some of her travel stories.

I came back and saw UnitHead (who had said he would be back Monday and Tuesday but whom I had not yet seen).  "Have you seen my office?"  He was almost literally bouncing.  Apparently he had come in over the weekend and organized it.  It was actually in pretty good shape beforehand.    More reasons why I love him :)  [Though as was pointed out to me in an FA discussion about reimbursement forms, Prof.B. is now the UnitHead -- it being after July 1.  I could call him Prof.G. but I think I'll go with FormerUnitHead for the continuity.]

I love that Terry called me 3 times (1:34, 1:25, 2:28).  At least he left a voicemail the third time.  (I'd called him last night and left him a voicemail.)  So I called him back on my walk home.  And he is the same as ever.  Which pleases me.  And apparently was in Boston yesterday and drove right by the B-School.

Cat's post-CSIfinale squee messages seem to have gotten deleted from my phone (I've been resaving them every few weeks).  Sadness :(

My mom's birthday card for me arrived today.
Front: "I'd like to give you a big hug on your birthday..." said Pooh.
Inside: "...but you are there, and my arms are here."
And it has a pop-up of Pooh with arms outstretched.  This is totally going up on my desk at work.
I'm really enjoying this extended-birthday thing.

My dad e-mailed:
Subject: Oh brave new world, that there are such people in it.
[World's first "test tube baby" is pregnant.]

Ari, FYI: the tenant - G - gen - hp/matilda crossover - 1577 words

Anyone understand futon mattresses?  Like, how to work out the measurements?  My futon [i.e., the wooden frame that got left in my room by the previous tenant] folds in three and the long side is ~51 wide and each of the three sections are ~22 on the other side.

P.S. Via wisdomeagle: Go here to make the navbar go away.  [There are different tickyboxes for making it display when you're viewing stuff and for making it display when people are viewing you.  Personally, I think you shouldn't be able to force people to see it when on your pages; if people want it they can enable it themselves.]  Edit: And here's a script to get rid of it for all journals you view.
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