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"we get a little further from perfection each year on the road" [ani difranco, "imperfectly"]

So, at my birthday party, Meredith and I were telling my "Pablo" story.  (Which I would link but which apparently never made it onto LJ.  It was May 26, anyway; X3 opening night.)  I was saying how she was all worried and I was all, "It's 9:30 on a Friday night; I'm in a public area with people all around."  She pointed out that I get hit on by strange men a lot, which I had to concede.  It hadn't happened since before I moved, though.  [Er, clarification: There was no sketchy guy involved.  Meredith just made up a bf for me to extricate herself from a social situation and come see me -- me who was hanging out at Boston Common alone after dark, killing time before the next train home and thereby causing Meredith consternation.]

After work today I went to the grocery store, and this guy showed up right where I was a couple times.  He never said anything to me, though.  I got outside and turned my face skyward in the rain and grinned, because the rain makes me happy.  I heard the guy behind me say, "Excuse me," and I turned, thinking he was going to offer me a ride.  "You have wonderful breasts," he said.  As if this were a perfectly natural statement.  "Thank you," I said politely.  And then continued walking, still grinning about the rain and now also the bizarreness that is my life.  He didn't read as impaired in any way to me -- except for the obvious Who delivers a line like that deadpan and with no followup?  ::shrug::  (I was wearing my teal wraparound long-sleeve shirt and my black messenger bag with strap going across my chest between my boobs.)  This was particularly entertaining in light of recent conversation with antheia.


In other news, at lunch today Eric said I was "exactly like" his friend Adrien.  Our similarities have come up before and I've been fine with this, but she was one of the friends who came to visit this weekend and on Monday he was complaining about too much time with his friends and how they're lazy.  So yeah, I'm "exactly" like her except for various ways in which I'm not.  I think she's also the one whom he today said is the most introverted person he's ever met; clearly he's never met some of my friends.
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