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"Oh my love, Oh my love / Take this waltz, take this waltz / It's yours now. It's all that there is"

Who totally used up some of her leftover sangria in the hopes of aiding her falling asleep? Yeah, baby. And then I saw Days of Wine and Smut Buffyverse Ficathon, which MasterList I'll be interested to read.

I think Saturday, August 12 is a definite for my apartment-warming. My brother's moving back to college the following weekend (plus Layna wouldn't be available, though Kate won't be available for this date :( ). Jonah hasn't replied to my e-mail, but I think he'll be back from MHC . And if not, well we've established that this date-setting is an exercise in compromise. So now I'm stressing about whom to invite. 'Cause there are people I work with and people I haven't talked to much since high school and I wanna err on the side of inviting people who won't come rather than excluding people, but I don't wanna be awkward. Also, I'm thinking of evite-ing (with hardcopies to Norwood peoples). Thoughts?

I also need to do some serious unpacking/organizing/decorating. And find out when NewRoomie is moving in (and when we're signing the new lease). And buy a futon mattress (input appreciated, y'all). And get my act together for WriterCon. And tomorrow is the last day of my at-work "vacation." How did that happen? I was supposed to get all this personal work done. I have learned a heat wave is imminent, so I may end up doing del.icio.us this weekend anyhow since I won't have the capability for anything more thinking-involved. (Well yes, having 2 days off off the first week helped. But still. Oh, and I was helping Eric with stuff; so that helped pass the time as well. I was realizing today, though, that I have gotten totally out of the habit of doing work. I made myself get a couple things taken care of, though, and once I actually have someone in the office giving me stuff to do I'll be fine.) Oh, and I wanna visit Kate in Salem. And I'm still undecided about seeing Pirates 2 in theatres, though I hear Havard Loews has $5 showings starting 10 days after opening night. ::ponders attempting to drag Eric::

Poll #768600 apartment-warming party

If I have a party on Saturday, August 12, will you come?

Tags: parties: planning, polls, shopping: futon

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