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To Paint or Make Love (2005) MFA, French (15 July 2006)

To Paint or Make Love (Peindre ou faire l’amour, France, 2005, 100 min.)

It makes me sad that this is one of the festival films that doesn't have a U.S. distributor, because I would probably actually buy it on DVD.  Having someone rip me the region 2 seems less than fruitful since it looks like it doesn't have an English option -- which of course begs the question of they managed the subtitles at the American festival showings.  [It's showing again at the MFA next Sunday.]

Adam (to Madeleine when they first meet): "Sorry I called you sir.  The smell of paint covered your fragrance."

Adam, on shapes/colors he can see: "Like a volcano, but without the sulphur and explosion... a gentle volcano."
Typing this up now, I wonder... description of their relationship?

That first meeting I was totally, "Oh, the two of them are going to get together," so I was shocked when we learned that he had a wife.  And I did not foresee the easy swinging.

Madeleine "Let's take a walk."
William: "Now?"
Madeleine: "You're free, aren't you?"
The morning after the party, when William is complaining about feeling useless and having nothing to do and etc. (yay early retirement).

Eva: Draw my portrait.
Madeleine: I'm flattered, but I've never done it before.
Eva: I've never posed.  We'll improvise.
And she strips!  And I never got Eva/Madeleine sex! 

Eva: "It's been so long since anyone saw me."
Such a powerful line.

William: "Six months.  But it's like I lived them in reverse.  I feel 10 years younger."
Adam?: "What were you doing 10 years ago?"
William: "The cold snaps of '95."

daughter: "Still painting?"
Madeleine: "I'm fed up with still lives."
Which, hi, such a metaphor.

song: "They talk about death like you talk about fruit..."
Of course, I had to translate to get keywords to plug into Google.  (God I love living in the electronic age.)  search results, plus Google translation

William: "Can I make myself useful?"
someone: "You turned off.... the light."
Adam: "Are you here, William?"
William: "Yes."
Adam: "Welcome."
Okay, a touch creepily reminiscent of Rocky Horror, but on the whole I love it.

William: Why don't we move to your island?  Elise will visit more if we're in the Pacific.

"Couple making love in a lotus flower."
"Painter of the islands."

Julie: "Stay, if you want to."
After he walks her upstairs to the bathroom!  (I do love how 'going upstairs' becomes code for having sex.  I mean yes, the bedrooms are up there, but still.  And how weird is that first moment when Adam is all over Madeleine and invites her up and she says okay and at that point he has to know who she is)
Julie: "Merci." (after he touches her crotch dry with a towel -- and then he touches that same spot with his bare hand -- and then he invites her downstairs!  (And her still nude!)  Daring and sharing, aren't we?  And we see what looks like Mathieu giving Madeleine a blow job while she's sitting up.

Madeleine: Another time?
Mathieu: Sorry, we never see people again.
William: I understand.  (And well he does, with all the complications with their relationship with/investment in Adam&Eva.)

William: "We'll still be here.  What's another season?  Besides, they don't have seasons."

Thinking about the film afterward, I thought about how they never really talk about what they're doing, just let it happen, and how one of my big complaints about Best Lesbian Erotica 2006 was that the stories read like fantasies written as if they were real, and how this was the more fanficcy "fall into bed" thing which I am v. comfortable with.

The Cannes page includes comments from the writer/director team:
Regarding the transgressive tone of the story: "Deep down, what makes them subversive and provocative is the innocence and light-heartedness with which they act out their fantasies."


Jean-Marie Larrieu on the film's transgressive nature: "It's not a sneaky film; there's no strategy. The provocative thing about it may be that the characters simply follow their natural bent, all the way to ultimate fulfillment. Usually, a person stops before reaching that point. There's a transgressive gentleness. Actually, all any one of us has to do is exaggerate daily situations and encounters slightly, and extraordinary things will happen to us."

Jean-Marie Larrieu on the eroticism of the landscapes: "For me, landscapes are bodies. The intimacy of a landscape is related to the nude. In fact, we cut a scene where William [Sergi Lopez] said that, as a blind person, he visualizes landscapes as great nude bodies being walked across."
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