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and lo there was much rejoicing

Not dead.  Wasn't even dead when I walked home (low 90s, 40% humidity... very bearable).  Wasn't even dead when I got to my second-floor non-air-conditioned apartment.  Am glad it is cooling down, though.

Today's edition of I Heart Eric:

e-mail excerpt:

I have The Adventures of Brisco County Junior with me if you’d like to watch it at lunch :-D.  I went to the Square earlier so I wouldn’t have to go after work.  Its sooooo hottt. [ed. note: IMDb: Out Today on DVD: "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr": Complete - DVD]


I was thinking last night about your threats to that effect.  (I totally would have brought Firefly but I left it at my parents’ house.)



Or you could, you know, not.
We watched the first half of the pilot during lunch, and of course we recognized-but-could-not-place various people.  Afterward, I e-mailed him the IMDb page.  One of the people had a minor role on BtVS (though that's _not_ where we know him from).  Eric said, "They should really do a Six Degrees of the Whedonverse."  ♥

So of course that's what we did.

Tom Cruise is freakishly easy (2).
Winona Ryder is easy (2) but I wasn't surprised.
Anna Faris from Scary Movie (to which my reaction was: who?) is why IMDb is your friend (3).

I'm actually kind of impressed by long lists (because my media illiteracy means I so fail at this game).  Eric offered the following as an alternative for Winona:
     Winona Ryder was in Edward Sciscorhands with Kathy Baker
     Who was in Nip/Tuck with Julain McMahon
     Julian McMahon was in Charmed – and Bruce Cambell was a guest star on charmed
     Bruce Cambell was in Brisco County Jr. with Christian Clemenson who was in Buffy

Jorja Fox: 3

Eric offered:
     Jorja Fox
     Was in Momento with Larry Holden
     Who was in Charmed..and we’ve already done the rest
(ed. note: I win that one, of course; I'm just amused by his fondness for Charmed)

Also: So many Boston Area people at WriterCon!  Who knew?  I'm literally making a list of people to seek out.

July Frankenmix (via musesfool)

  1. A song that mentions the sun.

"The Mighty" - Sting

When the voiceless can sing, Freak the mighty
And the shackled can run, Freak the mighty
And this downtrodden man holds his face to the sun, Freak the mighty

  2. A song that mentions snow.

"White Song" - Hyde

Crisp and cleaning the winter air
I dream of a world in a peaceful sleep
Snow falling gracefully down
Rejoice in winter's deep charm
I can't wait
I can't wait

  3. A song that mentions fire.

"Walk Through The Fire" - OMWF

I touch the fire
And it freezes me
I look into it and it's black
Why can't I feel?
My skin should crack and peel
I want the fire back

  4. A song that mentions lightning.

"Enter From the East" - Jewel

My heart has four empty rooms
Three wait for lightning and one waits for you

  5. A song that mentions wind.

"buildings and bridges" - ani difranco

buildings and bridges
are made to bend in the wind
to withstand the world
that's what it takes

  6. A song that mentions the sea.

"The Shark and the Mermaid" - Billie Myers

She held flowers at her fingertips,
And honey fell from her lips,
He dived, into the oceans wild
As she swam in the morning mist

  7. A song that mentions rocks.

"Thistledown Tears" - Jeffrey Foucault

Land turned to dust where it used to be clay
There's a darkness coming and it's well past dawn
Roomful of candles and the lights all gone

  8. A song that mentions earth.

"Big Yellow Taxi" - Counting Crows (cover; original = Joni Mitchell)

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you got 'til it's gone
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

And taking a page from musesfool:


  A song that mentions rain:

"Mary's Place" - Bruce Springsteen

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

  A song that mentions the sky:

"shy" - ani difranco

the heat is so great
it plays tricks with the eye
it turns the road to water
and then from water to sky

  A song that mentions heat:

"Insenstive" - Jann Arden

How do you cool your lips
After a summer’s kiss
How do you rid the sweat
After the body bliss

  A song that mentions fireflies:

"Fireflies" - Lori McKenna

I found mayonnaise bottles and poked holes on top
To capture Tinker Bell
And they were just fireflies to the untrained eye
But I could always tell

  A song that mentions the moon:

"Carry on Dancing" - Savage Garden

The moonlight
Shines down interstellar beams
And the groove tonight
Is something more than you've ever seen
The stars and planets taking shape
A stolen kiss has come too late
In the moonlight
Carry on, keep romancing,
Carry on, carry on dancing
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