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I don't think I ever officially notified LJ that we have a third housemate for the new lease. Michelle, henceforth to be known as NewRoomie (both because I already know a Michelle and a Michele and for the internal naming continuity). From her e-mail: "i work at a nonprofit in harlem organizing latino immigrants around economic justice and work access. i'm going to be attending the fletcher school at tufts in the fall to study international development and gender policy." Apparently she won't be moving in until August 16 (a Wednesday) though she's paying for all of August.

I think I may have 4 shirts I wanna wear at WriterCon.

Banilla yogurt is way better than packing, though.

I'm really enjoying some of the music I've acquired from musesfool/frankenmix.

"And when I kiss my pillow at least I know what he sees in me"
-Martina Sorbara, "Once I Was Mighty"

hey man
evening on the ground
and there is no one else around
so you will
blame me

blame me for the rocks and baby bones
and broken lock on our

garden wall of eden
full of spiderbites and all your lovers
we were

we were born to fuck each other
one way or another

-Iron & Wine, "Evening On the Ground (Lilith's Song)"

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