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Okay, I thought I was nearing the end of my writeup but I still have 6 more pages of notes, so I'm thinking bed is a good idea.

::waves at all the people who have friended me from WriterCon:: I will be friending lots of you back, I promise; I just want to catch up on my pre-existing flist first. ::waves at pre-existing flist::

So for now you get the "How was my day" entry rather than the "How was my weekend" entry.

Gorgeous weather this morning. Actually felt too cool when getting dressed. (Big improvement over last night when I got inside and felt too warm -- contra the beautiful outside coming home last night.) It warmed up a bit beyond my taste by the time I came home, but it's still not really uncomfortable.

Max asked if I'd been away, and said "Welcome home" which just struck me as so funny -- as if HBS were home rather than as welcome back to town.

"I'll ride anything" -Eric (responding to Mary Alice's "Do you ride roller coasters?" in a conversation about Canobie Lake Park)
I just started laughing, at which point Mary Alice got it. I'm honestly not sure I would have thought of that (since "ride" isn't slang I use much) if I hadn't just returned from this weekend.

Eric's friend Adrien writes gay porn, about anime he thinks. [He hasn't read any of it.] I validate this as one of those "You're exactly like my friend Adrien" (except of course for the not part, since I don't watch anime). We actually had a discussion (well, Mary Alice and I did; Eric was irrationally tired all day) about porn vs. erotica -- Mary Alice thinks of porn as a visual medium, whereas I think of the distinction as porn being a more lowbrow thing (erotica implying sex as part of a bigger narrative, porn implying the times we act like we are twelve -- which I am not insulting, as I certainly say I write porn).

Mary Alice is reading She's Come Undone, and Eric said, "I don't understand how you can read these depressing books." This led to explanation of how this book ultimately ends upliftingly and about triumph over struggle and all, but I also commented that admittedly I often enjoy the rip-my-heart-out-and-stomp-on-it type of stories, to which Eric said, "Of course you do." I was genuinely curious as to how this was an "of course" thing, and sadly he had no real answer.
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