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"the tent goes up and the tent comes down"

I wasn't nearly as productive as I should have been during my reams of boredom at work today, but oh well.  I am now in possession of groceries and clean laundry.  And I made myself real dinner for the first time in a while.  I also straightened up my room some in preparation for sk8eeyore.  (It is way improved.  I am surprised -- and impressed, and pleased.)  Oh, and I did some of my handwash.  And did the dishes.  (OriginalRoomie's done the dishes a whole bunch recently, btw.  Yayness.)

The predicted "Scattered Strong Storms" have thus far been a lie and a tease, but it the cooler temperatures have very much arrived, so it is okay.

I'm considering this couch, though NewRoomie doesn't wanna go in on a couch without arms.  [At that price I don't really care about paying for it all myself, but I do feel a touch bad.  Hmm, this one on craigslist could be okay.]

OriginalRoomie doesn't wanna split her cable (tv/internet) three ways given her previous bad roommate experience's which I can understand.  NewRoomie doesn't want cable tv, so my proposition is that she get the cable/internet package and I pay 3/4 of it.  Bah on complications.  [Speaking of which, "To obtain a recycling bin, please visit the DPW yard at 1 Franey Road, Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 4:00 PM with proof of residency. (This may be any document displaying your name and address in Somerville, such as your driver’s license or utility bill)." -city of Somerville]  This requires my leaving my house at like 7:30 in the morning, coming home with a recycling bin, and then promptly leaving for work.  Gar.  Why no Saturday service at all?)

Ani's new album comes out on Tuesday.  Any independent retailers I should be supporting with my purchase (i.e., where should I go to buy my copy)?  (I have no expectation of liking this album, but she has become the one artist whose albums I buy right when they come out.)

Ani is so the soundtrack of my angst.  I had forgotten just how much, but I was looking through old files recently, plus my current playlist is my Ani mp3 collection.

Listening to "school night" [read the lyrics, download the song] I am reminded that there is one line I don't get: "and I am looking for my door key, but you are my porchlight"
The whole section is about how this person has appeal but is not the best choice for the speaker ("you are a miracle but that is not all / you are also a stiff drink and i am on call / you are a party and i am a school night / and i'm lookin' for my door key / but you are my porch light") but a porch light is a good thing when you are looking for your door key, right?  Anyone have thoughts?
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