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"I met you before the fall of Rome"

I glanced over at my wall calendar to check a July date and realized it is now August and I had never changed the page. So we have moved from "mmm, Zoe" to "mmm, Mal." I need to do some rearranging, though, as it is getting crowded. I enjoy the progression I've got going, though: Serenity, Inara, Mal, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee, Simon, Book.

[And in going through my Memories to get that link, I was reminded of this, which I feel also deserves a spot on the wall.]


Yesterday Eric skipped lunch so he could go home early and today he has to go back to his apartment to get something, so no lunch again. Sadness. And the FA he's replacing never sent in the Weeks 3+ order form (for the creation of the course materials packet -- i.e., v. v. necessary) and the deadline was like 3 weeks ago, so that's super-fun. I said, "I feel like I should buy you a drink," to which he said, "Don't get me started. I had a bad morning, and it's just getting better and better." :(


RA broke down and bought an air-conditioner, so I'm invited over to her room for an AC party the next time the heat gets too much to take :)


NewRoomie is okay with my cable proposal, though this means I get to deal with the cable company -- which makes sense, and will be good for me (I know, I'm a total control freak and yet I'm so avoidy when it comes to taking charge).


Okay, I got distracted during the writing of that with phone calls and a copy job for a professor and now it is nearly an hour since I opened this window. Posting now.

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