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boredom leads to fandom

The most recent thing seems to be posting breakdowns of one's fic based on Where do you get your fic titles from?

I think of myself as stealing song lyrics, esp. Ani lyrics, but in going through my fics I found that was far more common in my early fic and that mostly I have very boring titles. The latter is not surprising, as I'm awful at coming up with titles (and teasers/summaries).

I am not up for posting a full list with titles and links (though I will if asked) but here's the breakdown:

lyrics: 14
Ani DiFranco = 6
Indigo Girls = 2
Tegan and Sara = 2
other = 4

literary allusions: 4

episode titles: 3
canon lines: 4

other: 42

total: 67 (!!! Most of them are drabbles/ficlets, but still, I am surprised and impressed, even though lots of them are probably shamefully bad. Wow, I've been writing fic for going on three years. Won't be three years until this Christmas, but still.)


I skipped reading the MsScribe thang, but I got sucked into reading [well, a lot of skimming] the Cassandra Claire one 'cause I'd actually heard of her (had heard good things about her work when I was first in fandom and had been vaguely meaning to read some of her work; had managed to miss all the plagiarism discussion before now).

[Edited to include links.]


I have no idea where Prof.B. is, but I don't need him for anything so that's okay. And Eric is actually having lunch here today. And someone brought in Caramel deLites (Girl Scout cookies).
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