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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

crazies on the T

I take the Red Line two stops, twice a day, during rush hour, so usually my commute is mundane. On the bus up to Chelsea, there was a mildly crazy guy (more of the overly social variety) which made me a little bit nervous, but he was far enough behind me in the bus that there was no worry about my having to interact with him.

On the Red Line to South Station last night, there was this very scruffy looking guy who was (mumbly) talking at first as if he were talking to someone (though there is no way anyone gets cell phone reception underground Harvard T Station) and then it turned into the more publicly declarative type stuff. No one responded to him and I don't think he was really making attempts to interact with anybody (I had my back to him) but I still didn't wanna be near him. I have fear of getting sucked into conversations with crazy people (influenced heavily by all the sketchy hit-ons I've suffered, I'm sure). (And he was ripping up part of his newspaper. ::shudders::)

This morning on the Red Line, a guy dressed business casual standing near me: "President Bush is a gentleman of the White House. [blah blah blah]" I said something like, "Okay."
"If you want to sit down, this lady will give you her seat."
"No, that's fine, I'm getting off in another stop." [We were pulling into Porter.]
Then he started saying how she was a Bush supporter. The lady, to her credit, sat impassively in her seat reading her book and not responding at all. And then he started back on how he was a Bush supporter. "President Bush is a gentleman in the White House. [blah blah blah] Bringing peace to the world through strength and diplomacy." And then he said to the car at large, "This lady in the red [i.e., me] is a big campaigner for Bush." I admit, I was weak, and dramatically rolled my eyes. He was obviously trying to start shit, and I just didn't wanna deal with it.
Tags: travel: adventures in public transit
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