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Firefly: pilot episode ("Serenity")

Eric has twice fallen asleep watching "Serenity" (once drunk, once sober). I realized when I did my marathon with paper_crystals just how slow the opening two sequences are, so I suspected that was the problem. I gave him permission to watch "The Train Job" as a starter instead, but he hasn't gotten around to it. So now that I finally have my DVDs back of course the first thing I did was bring them in. So we watched the pilot today, skipping the opening scene.

He has in the past complained about his friends talking while watching tv (they actually in fact tried to make him watch Firefly last time they visited but he refused because they kept talking during it) and yet he kept talking during this. I was very aware of how many quiet moments there are in this episode, so I decided against making him sit silently through the whole thing, afraid that he would get pissed off at the show and stop watching.

At the "Hey you" exchange between Inara and Kaylee, he asked if they were having sex. I said no but that they totally should. Later in that scene (after the debacle that was Inara's meeting with Book) he said "Now they're going to have sex" and I said "Which ones?" to which he replied, "Probably all of them." I was pleased that he understands this.

When Kaylee first showed up he said he didn't like her and that she didn't belong on a ship like that, wouldn't last, and he expected her to die. However, the hand-holding "mean old man" scene? I was saying how Mal thinks of Kaylee as like his little sister and Eric said something along the lines of "Except for when he wants to jump her bones."

We agree that the "Kaylee's dead" scene is not funny, though he was also focusing on the whole "Joking about your colleague who got shot," which I'm more okay with 'cause it's the dark humor that gets you through.

He was for the most part very good at guessing all the plot "twists," and when Simon's holding River after she comes out of the box he guessed that she was his sister, even though he didn't want her to be. The scene at the end when River is touching Simon's face he said they couldn't have sex -- that they were already criminals so he guessed it was okay, but still ew. Plus, can't show that on network tv; when at one point I said I was glad he understood that everyone on the ship could have sex with everyone else (probably excluding Book we agreed) he said "except two guys; can't show two guys having sex on network tv."

He doesn't like Jayne (and thinks Mal should get rid of him, since Mal knows Jayne'll sell him out if the money's good enough) and doesn't think Mal or Inara are especially attractive, but he likes Gina Torres a lot (and she's the only one of the crew he's scared of) and also likes Book. Wash reminds him of O'Brien (from Star Trek).

After the episode ended I said something like, "So you didn't hate it?"
"Definitely not hated. I don't like it as much as I do Buffy and Angel, but I've gotta give credit where credit is due." And he says he's gonna watch the rest of the episodes.
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