Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"Ruby Tuesday" in my head thanks to Tania.

My work computer has a DVD drive and I can't make it play CDs.  Gar.  (The computer has Real Player, which will play mp3s, but I can't make it just play the contents of the D drive.)

Good things about today:
+ nice weather
+ Sarah sent me the photo that she took of me with the "Sparkling Bean" cow at Copley.
+ Becca replied to my e-mail.  (Seminary?  Whoa.)
+ actual meeting with Prof.B. !!!
+ and as a consequence actually did useful stuff today instead of staring uselessly at the computer all day
+ watched "Serenity" (pilot episode, not movie -- note quotation marks rather than italics) with Eric; for more joy read the writeup of the experience
+ got a positive review on my Lilah/Faith fic over at Notorious
+ finally got swipe card access to FormerUnitHead's office
+ v. positive reaction to a concrit I left, leading to discussion of post-"Chosen" Dawn and also of Xander generally
+ I bought the new Ani CD for $10.49 incl. tax thanks to a Newbury Comics coupon from hedy.  (The regular NC price is $10.88 vs. the $15.99 sticker.)
+ The landlord put in the right screen in my bedroom window.  (Yeah, the previous tenant swapped out the screen for one that didn't fit.  I don't ask questions.)

When I came home the painter was still working -- was until about when I left -- so WJMN was blasting the whole time.  I don't dislike the station, but I wasn't thrilled about the volume.  Since I was leaving soon I just let it go, though.  When he left he said he was all done, so I have my apartment back now.  It'll take a couple days for the paint smell to really vanish, but still.

Wine-tasting was cancelled, so we hung out at Mike's for a while.  (I ordered pumpkin ravioli 'cause I was intrigued, but then they were out of it so I got mushroom ravioli instead; and I forget that ravioli comes with tomato sauce, but it scraped off easily; the ravioli didn't really taste like much, which as I'm me isn't inherently a problem, but I was looking forward to some sort of mushroom taste.)  Then they went bowling but I was feeling tired and am never keen on bowling, so I came home.  Am debating whether I'm tired enough to actually go to bed now.
Tags: food: boston area, joy sadhana, self: photos

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