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I jotted down lots of stuff at work on Friday, but it mostly feels like space-filler.

I did mean, however, to post antheia's solid point about the... whatever we're calling the England plane thing from Friday:
"Based on the fact that a complex terrorist plot, involving an ingenious scheme and a large number of players, was discovered and prevented before any of them had a chance to begin implementation, I feel safer than ever. It means that someone is doing their job. That we are a target for these plots doesn't make us unsafe."
It also began being unseasonably cool (temperaturewise).  I was pleased.  [Overnight lows of low 50s!]

Eric brought Roseanne to watch during lunch.  He said he was gonna bring Medium (which he loves) but it's boring.  I suggested Firefly and he said he'd considered bringing that in, but we can't watch the same thing 2 days in a row.  (So I hold out hope for this coming week.)  Anyway, I was entertained despite myself.  We watched 3 episodes (3.15-3.17 -- "Becky Doesn't Live Here Anymore," "Home-Ec," "Valentine's Day").
Becky: "You're as bad as mom!"
Dan: "Hang on a minute.  [to Roseanne]  If I tell you I'm offended by that, would you be upset?"

Friday night I had dinner with my darling Jonah at Trident.  He got challa bread French toast, with strawberries, and I ordered a watermelon mimosa (it comes in a champagne flute!) -- well and real food, too, but the mimosa was the exciting part (though more in theory than in actuality).

We were gonna have further yumminess at Tapeo per Layna's sister's recommendation, but we were both feeling in the mood for ice cream, so we went to J. P. Licks.  We're gonna get together again on Tuesday, though, and go to Tapeo then.

Amusingly, we both ended up both getting coconut almond chip at J. P. Licks (he decided against pomegranate sorbet, I decided against S'World Peace).  We looked at the Newbury Street cows (and I also showed him the one above the Lenox at Exeter Street, which I had seen on my way in) and then walked through the Public Garden and the Common and back to South Station and he made his 10:35 easily.  Oh, and we saw a possum on the security grating outside Staples at Downtown Crossing.  Awesome.

He remembered that my apartment-warming was gonna be this Saturday (Aug. 12).  I was impressed 'cause I had partway forgotten.  (He was away for the discussion about moving it to September.  Which reminds that I really need to pick a Saturday for that.)

Saturday I did dishes, laundry, and grocery shopping.  And I met Downstairs Neighbor #2. Oh, and Cat called that night. How did I forget to mention that?

Sunday I went to see a Russian film (I wasn't a fan) at the MFA and then met up with Hilary for lunch.  We were gonna browse the MFA afterward. but we spent so much time talking that we decided to forego that (esp. since she would have had to pay to get into the museum).  When Cat and Kate attempted to get from Ruggles to the MFA on their own they got lost (as it is easy to do; I can attest from experience) and wandered to the Prudential, so I've been meaning to figure out exactly how to do that (as part of my broader desire to just learn the city better) so we just started walking in that direction and I learned that my mother was right that there really are places to eat in the area, and I was reminded of just how close everything is to each other, and the Pru is so sprawling that I would want to have a map in hand to try to get back to Symphony/Northeastern from there but it's totally doable.  We then moved to Newbury St. (and wow Hynes really is so close to Trident) and eventually she had to go home -- which now that I'm not South Stationing means going basically my route :)  It was really lovely to spend time with her, and I'm a bit sad that we didn't do this sooner.  It's also been interesting this weekend noticing/thinking about which people I'm at ease talking to (I basically monologued at Jonah, meep -- but I didn't mean to, and he said it was okay) and what we talk about.


OriginalRoomie's been cleaning the house -- both in the aftermath of the painter and also in anticipation of NewRoomie's arrival.

I can't believe I hadn't noticed that our stovetop was so filthy.  OriginalRoomie did a preliminary cleaning of it tonight, though, and I'll probably do some scrubbing tomorrow.

She cleared out some of the useless furniture we never use and got some welcome mats and stuff -- which reminded me that I really need to do stuff like decorate my door.  (P.S. Mom, do you have an estimate on Maureen's Boston painting?)

Oh, and she mentioned that she leaves her door closed so that the sound of her tv on won't bother me.  That's nice.

NewRoomie is arriving this Wednesday evening, so I feel like light is visible at the end of the tunnel in terms of all the acquiring-stuff-for-the-apartment.  (My brother's helping me pick out a tv and I've been looking at tv stands on craigslist, the cable guy's coming Thursday, I'm hoping to enlist NewRoomie to go get a recycling bin, she's bringing some kitchen stuff and then I'll fill in any remaining gaps, and I really wanna get a couch....)

Oh, and there are rumors of the landlord taking down the fence, which would be exciting. (The street I live on has all lovely two-family houses, and then mine looks it was transplanted from somewhere sketchy with its two colors and its metal fence and everything.)


LJ's new notification system?  known issues like whoa  [I'm still a huge fan of the system, and it's great that they're starting it on a small group of users while they get the bugs worked out, but those select few of you I wanted to make sure you were aware of the issues -- the following strikes me as the most important one: If you have the "Email" option enabled for "All comments in my journal, on any post.", you won't get the old comment notification email anymore for entries you post in communities or replies to comments you post. Unchecking this checkbox until we fix it would be the best thing to do right now.]


And I seem to be writing fanfic recently. A lot of longhand while commuting places. Some previous WIPs as well as some new ideas. (Translation: Don't expect to see any ficposts from me anytime soon.) But it's really good to be in that space, after I wasn't for so long.

I've also been reading (and feedbacking) fic recently, which is also of the good.


That was longer than I had originally expected it to be.
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