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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[Firefly] "Bushwhacked"

Lakshmi said it was beautiful out, but Eric had so many containers of food (he's been stockpiling leftovers -- 'cause he keeps forgetting that he's put them in our fridge) that we stayed inside. Which meant more Firefly.

He said of his own volition that Kaylee was pretty. He keeps saying that Jayne's a necessary evil, but he's stopped talking about how Kaylee doesn't belong there.

I largely noticed how many really pretty shots there are of Mal in this episode. And a few of Zoe, as well (noticed she's wearing a sleeveless top when they're playing in the opening scene).

When they're playing uncivilized futuristic space basketball, I noticed that Kaylee's shirt totally shows off her breasts. (As does Inara's dress, but that's to be expected.)

I had a thought connecting to the movie (I think again about a necessity for fanwank) but I forgot it by the time the episode was over and again, not discussing movie in episode posts.

Oh, and I continue to find Jayne's joke on Simon funny, which is an interesting contrast to Mal's joke on Simon in "Serenity."

Edit: I forgot to mention, when Mal sends a bunch of the crew to go take care of the dead and then hits with the "we have a problem" punch, I was struck by the fact that Kaylee is among one of those kept in the know. Of course, it's necessary because she's the genius mechanic, but it really shows us how she's not entirely innocent (I was especially attuned to this with Eric's initial reading of Kaylee -- of how she's so out of place and wouldn't last very long in that environment).
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