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So yeah, Friday I came home, had a bit of food, ran a bunch of spyware removal type programs on my computer 'cause it had been really cranky, napped a bit, posted to LJ, went to bed... and didn't fall asleep until about 2am.  Not fair.

Very glad I didn't say I would go to Rockport with CAUMC today, 'cause I'm only now back to normal functioning levels.  I made myself do grocery shopping and laundry, though.

I picked up a CD rack, but I'm thinking I may need to get one that's more like a bookshelf instead.  Not just because CDs keep falling when I try to move them, but also because this means I still have to find somewhere to put all the burned CDs (that don't have jewel cases) and cassette tapes I have.  (I had completely forgotten about these when I decided to get the CD rack.)  Sigh.

OriginalRoomie suggested Amazon as a place to get a tv.  This looks promising.

Today's idiocy?  Putting a hot baking tray down on our plastic/cloth covered table instead of on the stove.  I'd been wanting to get something more like a "real" kitchen table, but um....

Terry should be back from vacation on Monday, so hopefully he'll return my voicemail and I can figure out some time that I can use him and his truck ('cause looking on craigslist for stuff I have no way of moving isn't really a good use of my time).

Today's nifty: Go to Manage Personal Info and under Location there's an option to select your timezone so when you're logged in you see the timestamp on comments (in your own journal and others) as your local time instead of GMT.  (Moot for those of you actually in GMT, of course.)

Apartment-warming: Saturday, September 23.  I'll be sending out invites within a few days, so if you absolutely do not want it to be that date let me know now.
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