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eve 6: It's All In Your Head (2003)

At Michaela's prompting, I've been listening to eve 6's It's All in Your Head, which I've had on my computer (thanks to my brother) for some time but hadn't really listened to much.

It's a fairly solid album and often reminded me of their self-titled album -- the only one of theirs I really know, and which I love, so that wasn't a bad thing, though feeling like "Hey, haven't I heard this thing before?" isn't the best thing ever.


Without You Here

This reminds me a lot of stuff from the self-titled album.

It's a lot of that angry frustrated missing someone, but what stands out to me is the hotness of the line I don’t wanna rock, I wanna roll on top.

Think Twice

I like this song a lot.

think twice before you touch my girl, come around I'll let you feel the burn

I think I have a weakness for this trope.  (See also Nickelback "Just For," Willow to Buffy in "As You Were" 6.15, etc.)

At Least We're Dreaming

I like this one, too.  Again with the reminding me of the self-titled album, though less so than "Without You Here."  I really like the line I'm alright, I tell myself twice.

Still Here Waiting

This song doesn't do much for me.  Also, aurally it echoes the previous song, which doesn't impress me.  (I do like the previous song, as I said, but feeling like I'm hearing the same thing twice in a row doesn't impress me.)

Good Lives

Promise that forever we will never get better at growing up and learning to lie

Love this line a lot.

And am a fan of the song generally.

Hey Montana

Aurally I'm just not fond of this song.

The story the song tells is moving, though, and Hey Montana, take your daughter back is a great line.

Bring The Night On

This is one of the songs that to me recalls the self-titled album very much, but like I said, that's not an especially bad thing.

I also can't help thinking of "Bring On the Night" (BtVS 7.10) and how I wrote Buffy/Faith fic for that.

Friend Of Mine

Rape is a word with a face

Whoa, powerful line.

And I love the I will always be here for you refrain at the end.

The song opens much more mellow than I'm used to from them, but I enjoy the sound throughout -- as well as the story the lyrics tell.


Even this far through the album, I'm still weirded out by hearing slow songs from this group.  It's a good song, though.  And the No I will not be broken refrain is another good one.

Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight

The chorus of this is really catchy, but when I recall that it's a guy singing I'm a bit disturbed (woman seducing man just doesn't have the same squick factor whereas man singing to woman I worry about something like unto date rape).  So long as I don't think too hard about it and just go with the "If I don't kiss you now I will never sleep again" type vibe I'm inclined to get from this I enjoy the song a lot.


She tests me like a scantron
She'll only tell me what's wrong

I'm really impressed by that turn-of-phrase, though the song as a whole doesn't grab me.

Arch Drive Goodbye

This song opens slow and my immediate reaction is endorsement.  I also like the upbeat section.  Originally I didn't think the song was especially strong lyrically, but reading the lyrics thoughtfully I find myself really into it.
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