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"like lipstick is a sign of my declining mind"

Okay, I think I've caught up on everything here at work. (What remains now is waiting around for people to get back to me about stuff.) Am finally opening my personal e-mail and beginning to respond to stuff on LJ.

Ah, commentspam. The 4/25/06 episode of House included a poker game and I got a nearly nonsensical commentspam on my post on it:
My quarry ingulf bridle, conspectus, and to ensorcell protomerite
Dmitry Savelyen imagine to toy with Clonie Gowen, although Mika Puro cross-refer to speak your dipteran and border.
A impotence that Nghi Tran set someone in was pragmatic, darkest, and euphoric also lighter work geniality. I love partypoker
A botheration messs me, but I enjoy a huskiest ophthalmologist with a side order of dealings.
Nothing can match the pyrotechnical, gassiest event of a pathetic potter.

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