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"but that's ok we're still growing you know that mistakes are allowed when you're a satellite"

My grandma keeps saying that she lived in the Ball Square area and where do I live in relation to that.  I hadn't the foggiest what/where Ball Square was, but some Googling got it for me.  So in my MapQuesting I decided to annotate with all the area Squares.  The Start is where I live.  [And don't ask my why the scanner made it huge because I have no idea; just zoom out.]

Apartment-warming in less than a month (though still more than four weeks, barely) and my room remains a disaster.  (I know, I know, you're all shocked.  My mother especially.)  I also need to do up invitations.  And speaking of paperwork, I need to finish sorting all the paperwork for taking the Extension School Joyce class this fall.  And I really should join the gym.  (One of the prompts for this is that my class is at 7:30 so I need something to do for two hours.)  And I need to call UPS tomorrow because they're demanding that I be present to sign for my package (Best Buy tv) which hello, not feasible for those of us with 9-5 jobs.  Anything else I need to take care of?  I wrote my thank you notes tonight, and my outstanding checks, and went grocery shopping.  Oh, I need to ask NewRoomie if she could go get a recycling bin sometime after she gets back, 'cause I can't do it without being an hour late for work (which I'm willing to do some slow day but would rather not).

ETA: Have been playing with iconmaking. LJ seems to tint things green when I upload them from my harddrive to its servers. So, thoughts on

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