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[Monday] thought experiment meme results

Only 4 of you played. Boo. You can still play if you want.

Anyway, answers as to my favorites of the following behind the cut.

1) Shakespeare Play
2) X-men movieverse character
3) Musician/Singer
4) Author
5) Poet
6) Painter
7) Musical
8) Character on BtVS
9) Season of BtVS
10) police show (broadly defined) -- this one's per lunabee34's request

Michaela said she's horrible at guessing (and she's new to my LJ, so she's obviously operating at a disadvantage) but she got 5/10. Ari, one of my dearest friends, got 3-4. And Lorraine got 2, as did karabair (though since she only guessed 4 her percentage is much higher ;) ).

1) Shakespeare Play
Twelfth Night / Macbeth
     I'm actually no longer certain which of these is my favorite and which is my second favorite. Twelfth Night is one of the rare instances in which I actually like the mistaken identity plotline (something which is usually an anti-kink for me).
Lorraine guessed Hamlet which made me laugh 'cause one of my big Bad English Major cred items is an indifference to Hamlet. (I don't actively dislike it the way I do some Shakespeare plays, but I'm not into it at all.)
Ari guessed As You Like It, which made me laugh, because that play frustrates me like whoa because it is so pastede on; it begs to be annotated with explanations of how everyone's gay because that's the only way it makes any sense.
Two people guessed The Tempest, which I don't actively dislike, but which I'm fairly indifferent to. So now I'm very curious as to why. Because it's so much about creating stories?

2) X-men movieverse character
     It occurs to me that I was helping by mentioning a Rogue icon in the same post. That was unintentional. Though really, who else WOULD be my favorite? (Okay, there are other reasonable guesses. Lorraine guessed Mystique -- "the entirely blue woman who is a bad guy" -- which I find interesting.)

3) Musician/Singer
Ani DiFranco
     This is the easiest one of all of them to guess.

4) Author
     Honestly? I was hoping someone would guess someone that would make me think "Oh yes, THAT's my favorite," because I really don't know the answer to this. My default answer is Dickens (which was Ari's guess), but that's more for A Tale of Two Cities than anything else. I adore A Tale of Two Cities, but it's a lot different than the rest of his work, which I'm less taken with. My favorite author as a human being is Norma Fox Mazer, but my favorite writer-as-writer...? There are so few authors whom I've read more than one or two of their works, and to find one whom I love the majority of their work.... Maybe Angela Carter? Though my love for her is really centered on her fairy tale rewrites. (Her other short stories haven't really stuck with me, and I haven't read any of her novels; I have mixed-feelings about her essays.)
Michaela guessed Toni Morrison, which would have been a good guess for my mom, though I really should read more of her work.

5) Poet
     Who could potentially be a "favorite playwright" answer, now that I think of it.
I find it interesting that two people guessed Emily Dickinson. Was the Plath guess a Smith thing? (And actually Dickinson could almost be one as well, since she was in Amherst.) I've never been especially taken with her work.

6) Painter
     Wow, when's the last time I mentioned the Impressionists? Color me impressed that Michaela got that one. Magritte and Frida Kahlo would also have been good guesses. Lorraine guessed Pollack, which made me laugh because extreme abstract art like that is one of those things where I have difficulty convincing myself that it really IS art. Ari guessed Van Gogh, and while I don't actively dislike Van Gogh he doesn't do much for me either.

7) Musical
Les Mis
     Reasonable guesses would also be Little Shop of Horrors, which play I so enjoy seeing; the Buffy musical episode ;); or Into the Woods, which I love a lot.
Michaela's the only one who even proffered a guess for this category. She guessed Chicago, which I've seen and don't actively dislike but which really doesn't do much for me.

8) Character on BtVS
     Willow's in my default icon for a variety of reasons -- though notice how I rarely actually USE that icon? -- and there are a lot of reasons why one would expect me to identifty with her, but I have yet to forgive her for S6. And she never quite pinged me even though one would expect her too (basically because she was too much better than I am; she may have been unpopular, but I was never that pretty, and she was way more genius -- hello computer hacking -- than I ever was). It wasn't until Tara showed up that I had a reaction to a character of "Oh! Yes! Me!" -- though Ari's guess of Giles makes a lot of sense. I see myself in Dawn a lot as well, though, and also love reading and writing stories about her. (Which isn't to say that I don't love reading and writing Giles and Tara. I just love Dawn MORE.)

9) Season of BtVS
     It's really hard for me to say which season is my FAVORITE, but this is definitely the one I argue is the BEST. And I'm impressed that 3/4 people guessed this. (And Lorraine, I don't DISlike S5 :) )

10) police show (broadly defined)
     If you've come in recently this would be hard to guess since I haven't talked about tv much, but if you've known me for a while it's a gimme. (I've barely seen any of any version of L&O, incidentally.)
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