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"I remember I can run..."

I got 4 hours of sleep and am doing fairly well.

I did my Linguistics in about 20 minutes after lunch and i think i did it fairly well.

I think i could talk about Mansfield Park for days. What is up with that? I haven't participated in class all semester totalled up as much as i have in these two days on Mansfield Park. I think partly it's because i understood much better what was going on and could remember details and stuff. But now we're moving on to Coleridge. Who was friends with Wordsworth. So i am cringing in anticipation. Also, Fanny/Edmund is totally my Austen OTP [One True Pairing]. I've read 3 Austen works so far and they're the only couple i actually wanted to get together.

Okay, off to hand in the Linguistics, then go to work, then come home and make a to-do list, then proceed with my weekend. I can do this.

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