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Made of awesome!

So, I had productivity at work today, and I feel like I'm getting back into the groove of actually doing my job (cf. an earlier post about not letting unstressedness slide into actual laziness), and I'm making myself real dinner, and there are lots of other happy items from today (which will be included in another post) but point of this entry is:

I was in the kitchen starting to prep for dinner shortly after I got home and I heard my phone ring from my room.  I didn't recognize the number, but figured I'd answer it anyway.  Voice I totally did not expect to hear from an unknown number: Terry!  Apparently he lost his cell phone on Aug. 6 and is still waiting for his replacement, but my apartment-warming invite arrived at the library today, cunningly containing my phone number.  He was surprised I didn't recognize the number, but I pointed out that how many times do I use the library phone number, and I certainly don't expect it to show up calling my phone.  Apparently my party conflicts with his son's birthday party.  Le sigh.  He asked when I was gonna be in Norwood next.  Ha ha.  I was dreadfully pleased that he called, though.  ::dances::
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