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[fannish] "A dream, but it's true; I am not the same since I met you"

trijinx, walking to the T this morning, the woman in front of me had a Serenity keychain. (Which, now that I am actually in need of a keychain, makes me sad that I didn't get one at our advance screening. Froogle->eBay to the rescue. I know, I know; I'm such a whore.) I probably would have complimented her on it, but she had someone walking next to her. [This morning I have learned that one can get Browncoat silicone bracelets -- in either brown or black.]

In other news, I am so not a b-school-er. I passed by a table of students on my way in and totally heard "profit" as "prophet."


The end of the month snuck up on me, so this month's recs page update isn't as comprehensive as I would have liked. However, I have a three-day weekend (which didn't really register with me until like today) so I look forward to catching up on stuff -- though probably not until Monday what with wedding events and errands.

Last night I told Ari that my fannish interests aren't much represented in my UserInfo page but neither do they constitute a majority of my LJ itself. Then later that night paper_crystals and I talked about the Batman cartoon series of my childhood. (Yes, Harley/Ivy is inevitable.)

Yesterday at lunch we were talking about food and Mary Alice said her son will eat any flesh she puts in front of him (not any food, but any meat). Eric said that if meat were called "flesh" he would become a vegetarian, because it sounds not at all appetizing. I said it just makes me think of sex but that maybe I read too much porn. There was general agreement that this was likely the case. I said at least it's good porn. Eric questioned that such a thing existed*. Dude, I don't even know how to begin to respond to that. (Snarky remarks came to mind too late.) I said I mostly read fanfic. "Like, Buffy and that guy from Firefly?" I said I hadn't yet read a crossover between those two shows in which *Buffy* has sex with one of the guys from Firefly but yeah, that was basically it.

*He used the term "quivering manflesh." I just need to record that for posterity.

[Related note: Food Network as porn; link from marginaliana]

Mary Alice said she was okay with fanfic sort of stuff because nobody was making a profit from it, but she had a problem with exploiting sex for money. I'd never thought of it that way since with writing we're not exploiting actual people, but I can see how people would have a problem with sex itself being exploited for money. (Yeah, my sexual ethics are weak.)


Note to self: reread irradiatedsoup's Doesn't react well to situations not involving money or violence for already-in-progress club_joss discussion.

I am also succumbing to the Five Things meme, though I suspect nobody has any interest in requesting any from me. (If you haven't already seen it, the basic gist is that people ask you for Five Things lists -- usually fannish, though they don't have to be.)

Also: modified version of the alphabet title meme (simply showing the spread); suggestions for titles for the missing letters welcomed

A - 2
B - 4
C - 6
D - 3
E - 1
F - 3
G - 2
H - 4
I - 2
J - 1
K -
L - 4
M - 2
N - 2
O - 4
P -
Q -
R - 2
S - 15
U - 2
V -
W - 4
X -
Y -
Z -
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