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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"Are you going to Scarborough Fair?" [some of the guys were doing guitar+vocals for various S&G]

Getting from my place to Trelawney+Eric's requires a bus transfer (87 to Union Square, then 85 or CT2) and then a .31 mile walk, so CAUMC!Meredith offered to just drive me.  On the drive there, it seemed to me like one could walk from Target (though the highway cluster there might be prohibitive).  She picked me up about quarter past eight and dropped me back about eleven, so that was a pretty decent length night.  (And on the way back, Google Maps Satellite came up in conversation, which I had totally forgotten about but which yes would totally enrich the usefulness of that mapping service for me.)

Eric has always looked so v. v. tired all the times I've seen him, but from the first moment I saw him tonight he had real energy, which was so pleasant to see.

I met Laurie, though I don't remember much about her, and Michelle (yeah, another) who was cool.  Big fan of Buffy/Angel/Firefly.  Her husband (Bill) test plays video games, and she was waxing rhapsodic about Guitar Hero, which does sound v. cool. [She also lives right in Davis Square, near the theatre and the bike path.]

Eric and Stuart were talking about smoking (Stuart regularly picks up and drops the habit casually -- will literally stop smoking for a year or three and then start again) and Eric asked me if I smoke(d).
I made a little bit of an ugh/shudder and v. calmly said, "I have always thought it was incredibly foul and you would probably have to pay me to kiss someone who smokes, nevermind put it in my own mouth."
"Elizabeth likes to speak her mind," Eric said sagely.

Later talked to Eric's cousin Greg from Cincinnati, who commented on how he really hasn't heard the stereotypical Boston accent much at all during his visit here (including his touristing today).

We didn't really see Trelawney until we were leaving.  We did the well-wishes see-you-Sunday thing, and she hugged me and Mike (Meredith was getting her purse) in that way where she's in the middle, hugging each of us on one side, and said something like "I'm so glad I have you people around me," and I was struck by how quickly, easily, and sincerely I've been adopted into this group of people she cares about.
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